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As human beings, I think we have an incredible opportunity to unite and affect real change in this world. I know that I only have a limited amount of time on this earth to do this, so I’m going to make every effort I can to learn, grow, experience all that I can and influence others in a passionate, meaningful and enduring way, so that when I die, my life will have counted for something and I will have contributed to the evolution of our species as a whole.

As far as we know, there is nothing beyond this life that we will experience in the same coherent way (by all accounts it is a pretty well-established fact that our consciousness does not survive after physical death) and I accept that, so I wish to pass on my thoughts and ideas to any and all who will listen.

I will never have children, so this will be my one and only legacy. I want to affect as many people as possible, in a positive, uplifting and inspiring way. My chosen method of doing this is through my writing. I have a total of eight unpublished books currently written and I need HELP to publish them.

We have one chance at this life, one shot to do something profound and meaningful. I eat, sleep and breathe Pantheism, because I believe that when properly understood and applied, it will lead to a collective shift in consciousness that could revolutionize the world.

I only espouse one thing- the glory of reality and the love and respect for Nature and all of Its interconnected systems. Everything I teach and promote flows from this, from my own love of Nature and the deepest desire in my heart to see a world united in love.

It is our shared biology that binds us; the web of Life, our common thread. The Omnia is real and It is everywhere, immanent, pervasive and embedded in all things. A veritable light that shines through the darkness of ignorance and deceit. We have only to tap into that divine wellspring of knowledge and let It guide us.

These things motivate me, they push me to evolve and continue moving forward… and I long for a day when people can see themselves in each other and do away with all of the ignorance, bigotry, hatred, violence and greed that separates us and threatens to dominate our world. It is not just a dream, we can make it happen, but we HAVE to work together. There has to be cohesion and a unified, singular vision.

Among the Pantheist community, everyone seems to ‘intellectually’ know that “God is everything” ..but how many people really comprehend and understand the ramifications of this statement and live by it and apply it to their lives? How many consider it on a daily basis and keep this awareness at the forefront of everything they do? It is my contention that if more people truly understood this concept and allowed it to resonate in their hearts and guide them in their lives, it would literally change the world.

As for me, I’m going to continue to do everything I can to make a difference, through my writing and through forums like Facebook. Pantheism will spread, in one form or another… it must, because the time to act is now and our future depends upon it. We need to adopt a unified, biological system of morality, founded on a practical, Earth-based form of spirituality, wherein we recognize the interconnectedness and “inter-being” of ourselves and all things.

This is one of the main reasons why I teach and promote Biopantheism, and why I am so adamant about seeing it become a full-fledged, organized and coherent movement, because I see this attitude as the ultimate solution to all of the problems we face in our societies and in our ecosystems. Do you see any other group or movement that embodies the collective spirit of our best and brightest? Where is the voice of reason in the world, holding out the standard, making biological Life and the welfare of humans, plants, animals, the environment and the planet, the highest priority?

I have written about this extensively and I am confident that Biopantheism (or something like it), is the quintessential answer to everything that threatens to destroy our civilization and our precious biosphere- because it is, at its core, a most necessary, needed, poignant and profound philosophical outlook that contains within it, the power to transform lives and set things right once and for all, on a global scale.

It can work and it’s entirely possible, but first we need to cultivate this awareness in ourselves and inspire an accurate and practical knowledge/understanding of it in others, with a clear comprehension of its principles, minus all of the abstract rhetoric and useless fillers so common in other philosophies.

My only concern is the truth about the nature of existence, what matters in terms of our daily lives and what will benefit humanity, living organisms and the planet at large. By stripping Pantheism down to its most fundamental ethic and simultaneously developing and establishing it in a practical way, we can offset the manipulative powers that be, who only wish to profit and prosper from our stratification, discontentment and misery.

By incorporating into our lives, those habits and activities that work best to keep us perpetually motivated and conscious of these truths, we can dispel the darkness and pave the way for a new and glorious future. Won’t you stand with me, as I attempt to share this message of inspiration and unity with the world? Visit my website, read my articles, join my Facebook page, share this philosophy with others and help make these noble dreams become a reality!

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