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About BiophysEco

BiophysEco is an international think tank that works to support the emergence and promotion of biophysical economics in the public debate and the policy conversation, worldwide.

Biophysical economics is the study of the ways and means by which human societies procure and use energy and other biological and physical resources to produce, distribute, consume and exchange goods and services, while generating various types of waste and environmental impacts. Biophysical economics builds on both social sciences and natural sciences to overcome some of the most fundamental limitations and blind spots of conventional economics. It makes it possible to understand some key requirements and framework conditions for economic growth, as well as related constraints and boundaries.

BiophysEco is a non-profit, independent and non-partisan organization. Its mission is to inform civil society and public policy makers by providing realistic policy analysis and advice rooted in a biophysical reading of the economic process, as well as of the related energy, material, and financial flows.

BiophysEco is a ‘virtual’ think tank, meaning that it is a networked organization bringing together independent people and groups to work together for a common purpose. It relies on a small core team to collect and publish analytical and advisory work from leading scholars and practitioners. It builds upon a wide and growing decentralized network of contributors and researchers from various backgrounds and geographies to produce and promote high-quality and balanced public policy analysis and advice. It has multiple leaders and participants, interacting at various levels on a voluntary basis.

In order to fulfill its mission and make an impact in the public policy conversation, BiophysEco relies on the support of those who understand that economics must rest on a biophysical framework that acknowledges energy and resource constraints. If you are one of those lucky few, you may consider becoming a BiophysEco patron by making a small, monthly donation here on Patreon! Your contribution will help support startup and development expenses and ensure that BiophysEco can make the voice of biophysical economics heard in the policy arena. Thank you very much for your your help!

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