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is creating an Roblox SCPF group
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Level 0
- Thank you so much for donating
- You get a free glock 18 in game!
- You get a cool role in our discord.

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Level 1
- All other benefits
- AK47-u in game
- ISD in the RP site

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Level 2
- All other benefits!
- Credits in the game




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About hypehoax's SCPF

My name is bird, known as the Administrator. All processes earned WILL GO DIRECTLY back into the group. Supporting this patreon , any amount, will be appreciated, any support not just financial. Patreons will get rewards ingame, in the group [not ranks], and over 10+ will get their patreon name in the credits.
link : https://www.roblox.com/groups/4369131/Special-Containment-Procedures-Foundation#!/about
Back to business. 
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To make the groups!
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