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The three of us (Tony, Phil, and Ken) each have a life-long fascination with all-things aviation.  Our bookcases are chock full of material, as is our hard drives, cell phones, and tablets.  We devour this information ravenously, and it's all homework for what we do with our spare time: work on Birds of Prey.

That said, there is so much material that we get our hands on, and so many ideas that pop into our heads, a lot of these things will never fit into one of our themed products.   Sometimes these "sketches" are refined into something useful.  Others get tossed in the file, perhaps never to be seen again.  And some of them are labors of love, specific to machines, events, and people that captivate us- our "flavors of the month". 

We'd like to change that.  And so every one to two months, we'll have an assortment of toys for you- one, two, or three.  Sometimes, there will only be one toy, but it'll be *big*, and worth the three-item release target.   

They could be a new aircraft data card (ADC) and a box miniature.  A new scenario.  One of our ACM lessons (Follies, we call them).  Maybe a new automated opponent (SOAR), or an expansion/playtest of an upcoming rules change or addition.  

Admittedly, some of these materials may not be up to "production" quality- you'll see how the alloy gets pounded into sheet aluminum.  Others won't work if they aren't- but again, they may never become available in a product in the future.  And in some instances these things need to be seen and abused in this state to become production- those "future rules", and such.  

Whatever it is, it'll be fun, and worth the small price we ask for the donation (between $5 and 10).

Because we're not going to be in the crowdsourcing habit of "overpromised and under-delivering",  we're going to make sure you know what's coming at least one full week before it drops, and you get charged.  This way, you can step out for a cycle if you choose, or, if you really want that third item, you can bump up your donation for that month, too (but again, please- keep it reasonable). We want you to be comfortable and have fun with these oddities.  

Now if you're here, you've likely heard of our title Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age.  If not, Birds is wargame that uses real world physics, captured elegantly in a pair of tools called nomographs to do all the scary aerodynamic math, and let you fly a modern day fighter jet against other players.  And nomographs aren't the only cool toy- perhaps the most stunning is the PHAD: a two-dimensional representation of the three dimensional world, which lets you maneuver your aircraft exactly as it would in real life.  This trio allows you to employ the specific performance capabilities of the type you're at the controls of against whatever opposition you choose to take.  

Ever wished that you could take a flight simulator, throw out the keystrokes and the lack of inertia, and distill the art of ACM down to it's purest form?  That's what Birds of Prey does.  

And if the thought of that gives you geasels (if you know, you know), take a look at our website  ( we think you'll like what you see. That, and keep watch on these spaces here.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 109 exclusive posts

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