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This is the most basic Patreon perk for most podcasts hoping to gain a little scratch for their content. We would most definitely commit to two episodes a month of either BitGeek or the Cinemasters and you'd have first dibs!

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Here's where things can get really interesting. Here we will provide a monthly bonus episode that could be anything from an extra full show, a movie commentary and exclusive interviews we land. In other words, a real bang for your buck!

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If you choose this tier we do NOT deserve you! You would have the most insight to what makes us tick by asking us anything you would like to know. We will also try to answer thing we DON'T know, because AMA means "Ask me Anything". It's pretty scary, but we'll do our best. 




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Although we understand if you don't feel like it or are unable to open up the pocket book (that's OK we'll still do it for free) it would help out a lot to expand our empire by affording us the capabilities to maintain a full time website, upgrade equipment, possibly take some trips to conventions or film festivals or pay for a cup of coffee. 

Ambitions are sky high at BitGeek with our classic retro and nostalgia themed show starring best buds Ron and Nick and having fun talking film with Adam and Ron on Cinemasters and we could more easily achieve them with some support from our loyal best buds (psst that's you!). 

Possible rewards could include getting the show a week early and special shows only available exclusively to our most generous listeners (again, could be you!). 

Thanks for your time and (hopefully) patronage. 

Yours truly,
Ron and friends

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