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About Ebbie

Hi! I'm Ebbie, also known as BizarreJelly5 around a few places and I create content based around anime, or those Japanese Cartoons that you've probably seen at some point in your life. I don't really have much of a structure when it comes to making videos, I just like to talk about what excites me, such as shows that I've been watching, first impressions for new shows that have just started airing, and reviews for other shows and films that may or may not be perpetually late.

In terms of what I need help with, though, if people were kind enough to support me. I have a lot of ideas for content that I'd like to create in the future, both short term, and in the long run. While these will get made eventually, regardless of how much support I get, they are going to cost a little bit of money to make. Any support I get will go into making these future projects the best they possibly can be. I'd also like to upgrade some of my equipment in the future, such as getting a camera with a microphone that doesn't sound all garbled and awful. 

I don't like the idea of having exclusive content for Patreons, as if people can't pledge for whatever reason, I don't want to withhold my content from them. All of my content has always been free, and always will be. So if you've looked on this page, and read what I have to say, and actually want to support me, that's awesome, and I'm so thankful, and you're wonderful. If you can't, or don't want to pledge any money to me, that's also cool, and thank you for reading regardless. Oh, and you're also still wonderful.
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If we hit this goal, I'll be bringing back my gaming channel. It's a time consuming hobby that I'd love to get back to. It'll be different to before, hopefully for the better!
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