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You took that dollar and invested in my future and for that I say thank you so much!
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Thanks so much for all your help! In this tier I will send you a picture of my cat with your name in it saying THANK YOU! Could be emailed or I'll develop the photo and send it to you! 
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Getting up there! With this tier I will cast one game of your choosing (Doesn't even need to be of you) per month. I will put the video up on YouTube for you, your friend/s, and the world to see!
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About Bkop

Hey Dota Fans

Let me introduce myself quickly, my name is Bkop and I have been a Dota caster for a touch over two years. I am always striving to become the best caster I can be but more importantly I am always looking to give the viewer the best experience I can give. Well how do I do that you ask!? Well by casting as much as I can which will keep me sharp and make me better at what I do. I also kind of need a bit of help getting some better equipment to be able to cast games in 1080p and well....not lose 30k frames too. 


Well not only by joining would you be helping me get more experience and get better at casting but also you can have your games cast. That's right rewards(while they will be different) will mostly all feature an opportunity to get your game cast. 

Ever have a game where you stomped all over the enemy, came back from 20k down, landed a 5 man black hole, or done something amazing that you just wanted to remember forever. Well I want you to have the moment forever too. So by joining I will be getting more experience by casting your games! It could be anything! Something in the low 0k MMR range to something top tier I will cast it (please try to be reasonable with the match time) 

Also each month I will pick one patron to win an upcoming compendium from me (If they are still a thing if not I'll change this)
Help me help you remember your greatest Dota moments which in turn will make me a better caster and one day reach my personal goal of casting at TI! 

Welp thats about all I've got right now and thanks so much for your support whether or not you join thanks so much!

- Bkop
$11 of $2,000 per month
When I reach this goal I will cast an In-house series with all my patrons it'll be amazing!
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