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 By donating to Black Bear Forge you will be a part of bringing blacksmithing education to YouTube,  Your patronage helps to provide the freedom to create videos on the art and craft of Blacksmithing.  you will also be part of improving video quality through upgrades in cameras, lighting and audio upgrades.   Thank you for your support.   




Thank you for visiting Black bear Forge. 

My name is John Switzer and I operate Black Bear Forge, a small one person blacksmith shop Located in Beulah Colorado.  For many years I worked as a professional firefighter in Aurora Colorado and operated the blacksmith shop as a part time business.  I retired in 2014 and began blacksmithing full time.  Now it seems like I am busier than I have ever been in my life. 

My vision for the future.

With over 30 years as a blacksmith I have been blessed with many great opportunities to learn and grow as a blacksmith.  This has instilled a philosophy that there should be no "trade secrets" and that the skills and techniques should be shared openly and passed on to the next generation of blacksmiths. To accomplish this I Have started creating videos for my YouTube channel - While these videos take time away from my otherwise busy schedule in the shop, I feel this is one of the best ways I can make the information available to the blacksmithing community.  Producing these videos also allows me the feedom to explore more advanced techniques, continuing my own growth as a blacksmith.

Why contribute?

By contributing to Black Bear Forge you become a part of my effort to share the skills and the techniques that are crucial to the art and the craft that is blacksmithing. Contributions help give me the freedom to create videos that promote not only traditional blacksmithing skills but also help to fund improvements in the quality of the video production.  Since I believe that this information should be shared without terms and conditions, I will not be offering exclusive or paid content. 

Blacksmithing is not defined by time period or motif.

Blacksmithing is defined by process alone

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By contributing through Patreon you will help give me the freedom to explore new techniques and ideas as a part of my ongoing journey in blacksmithing. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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