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is creating Black Goddess: Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine

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Peace and greetings. My name is HERO Keith D Young.

For the last 10 years I've been researching, writing and illustrating what has become my life’s work, a coffee table style book titled, ‘Black Goddess, Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine.’

My work on the book actually started out as a black history presentation I did for my son’s eighth grade class back when he was in middle school. The presentation was about Black History before slavery. I can remember learning a lot about what happened to my people during the time of slavery, but next to nothing about what they were doing before. As I began to study the history of the world from the perspective of blacks, natives and other people of color, I discovered many things that have forever changed how I view and interact with the world.
This research has led me to discover a place in history I never even imagined was real, and yet it was and is.

After 10 years of research and historical detective work, I'm ready to reveal the shocking discoveries which have changed the course of my entire life. A revelation so profound it prompted me to leave the Church ministry, and a promising career as a Detroit Police Officer, in order to devote time to my research into the pre-slavery era history and culture of American Blacks – a history long clouded by racism, violence, political reshuffling, academic exclusion and media stereotyping.

Interestingly, though I’m no longer a police officer, I still get to use the detective skills I learned while on the force to help me solve what has for me, become a type of historical mystery. A mystery with all the trimmings, murder, intrigue, theft, kidnap, impersonation and that's just for starters. Believe me when I tell you folks, this one has got it all!

My investigation has uncovered the existence of a lost and highly advanced,matriarchal civilization of incredible age, technological achievement and spiritual advancement, all run by, get this, black women!

Shocking right? I couldn’t possibly mean the women who are today the global victims of racism, and patriarchal oppression could I? Not the Black women who are routinely vilified and demeaned in public, in the press and on television and movies screens nearly everywhere you look? Surely not the Black women who are told they are “too loud,” “too aggressive,” that their bodies are “too much” or “not enough?” You mean the women who are sold cremes to straighten their hair and whiten their skin? Those women? You mean the women who look like my grandmother, like my mother, like my sister? Yeah – those women.

Just imagine a civilization headed by black and ‘copper-colored’ matriarchal ‘Queen Mothers,’ who were so honored and respected, so stainless, that they were regarded as the living embodiment's, of the Black Goddess and I've got the proof!

It’s important to note that neither the information nor the images expressed in the book are meant to be racially exclusionary – on the contrary, the Black Goddess is Universal and she has/does/will present herself to the world in every shade, color and hue imaginable – from darkest blue black to palest alabaster.

The information contained in Black Goddess Legacy is a work of historical and spiritual restoration. Much of the information recovered was lost to time, cataclysm, theft, appropriation, and whitewash – So this narrative had to be carefully reconstructed from many sources such as; history, mythology, legends, fairy tales, comparative religious studies, etymology, and psychology. This work would not even be possible were it not for the many great scholars, troubadours, poets and artists who came before me leaving a trail historical ‘bread crumbs’ encoded with the knowledge of a lost civilization dominated by black women, that rose into prominence over six thousand years ago, which only fell into ruin as the patriarchal Greeks and Romans began to sweep across the face of the Earth, conquering in the name of Empire.

These last ten years of research have been exciting and life altering to say the least.
On the flip side, the work I’ve been doing has also been mentally, physically and financially exhausting. I’ve made many sacrifices in order to bring this labor of love into fruition and I’m so close! I’m almost done with the work but I could really use your help to finish writing, editing, illustrating and publishing the book. A friend told me about Patreon and suggested I give it a try because she thought other people would be interested in helping me.

I invite you to join me as a patron on! Not only will you be helping me to complete the book, but you will also get a front row seat as I share my journey to the completion of my life’s work through the newly created Black Goddess Legacy Video Blog.

Monthly patrons will receive discounts on Black Goddess Legacy merchandise, be able to participate in patrons only polls and contests, and will be granted exclusive access to the Black Goddess Legacy Video Blog, which will be updated weekly with research notes, insights, and inspirations for writing the book. VIP patrons will have access to an exclusive behind the scenes look at my creative process from start to finish, from sketches to final digital design and layout using professional hardware and software tools.

Please join me at as I share the story of my journey to completing my book, Black Goddess - Legacy of the Sacred Black Feminine.

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