Black Mycelium Project

Black Mycelium Project

Creating Space For Black, Queer, Non-binary, and Trans Land Stewardship!

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About Black Mycelium Project

We’re developing a network of folks who acknowledge that All Black Lives Matter and want to support thriving liberated zones for our Black queer, non-binary, trans family. 

Mycelium is the underground body of the mushroom. It is a decomposer, a communicator, and a facilitator of transformation. It is also so much more. The Black Mycelium Project is inspired and guided by the role mycelium plays in our ecosystem and seeks to mimic that function in our work.

We are a formation of Black queer, transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people who are farmers, organizers, siblings, healers, medicine makers, equestrians, travelers, visionaries, aunties, musicians, seed savers, storytellers, and so much more. Our folk are based in Washington State, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Louisiana, and Mississippi. We are nurturing a network of Black Queer interconnected land projects where skills are built and shared, relationships are nurtured and rooted in mutual support, and folks are given opportunities to dream, shed what is no longer useful, heal, love, and grow on sacred and lovingly stewarded land.

If you have ever visited thriving farms or ranches you have an idea of the level of work and commitment that goes into stewarding a land project. Your monthly support will be will be directed towards the most pressing needs. We’ll be dropping updates, reflections, photos, videos as we’re inspired to do so! 

We are a group of dope ass Black queers who are doing on the ground work to build a home for our folks. Our work, like mycelium, is often underground and unseen. This is sometimes intentional for our safety, and also indicates the fact that we are consistently and severely overworked and under resourced. Your monthly support is needed to help repair the damage of hundreds of years of oppression towards Black people and the compounded oppression of being queer, nonbinary, transgender, and gender nonconforming.

The internet can be a useful place if you want to learn more about the brilliance of Black queers and the challenges we face to survive every day.

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A bit about me:
Though this project is not about me, I decided to add a bit of my journey envisioning the Black Mycelium Project. Over a decade ago I started a Black-led food sovereignty organization called Hilltop Urban Gardens (HUG). It was in the yards of my house and my neighbors house that the organization grew. (find them on FB) During the 12 years that I built that organization my passion for Black queer, trans, and nonbinary land stewardship grew. The deep healing that can happen when Black folks sink our hands into the soil on our own terms and in a good way is undeniable. And as a Black nonbinary young Elder I am witness to the toll it takes to survive day to day within the systems of white supremacy, cisgender privilege, and heterosexual normativity. My work deepened to a place of wanting to bring the healing powers of land stewardship to queer, trans and nonbinary Black folks. Enter Black Mycelium Project.

The vision is to grow an interconnected network of Black queer land stewards that are building safe space and sanctuary for our kin. I've had the deep privilege of being in relation with a kindred family of Southern based queer, trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming folks to dream, vision, support, and grow with. We have gathered around the Black Mycelium Project as a way to support our community and collective work. I am happy to be in more loving conversation via email at [email protected]

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