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About Blackout

Help! Blackout's just this guy you know, who makes humorous and unusual content and characters on the internets and who did so before the internets was even a thing, and he spent so much money on it and never really charged anything for it except selling some physical cds (remember those) that now he's living in a van down by the river.  Help bring back and surpass the former glory! Mixers, mics, cables, computers & all that electronic crap that was destroyed in the flood needs to be replaced. It's time for remastered classic content and brand new contend both video and audio.It's time for Blackout's Box LIVE to return.

If you are a patron here you are supporting me, Blackout aka Michael Biggins and all the characters I do such on the the youtube channels & of course the beloved T-Rex as well as the website and any other creative ventures I am able to come up with, and I already thank you 1 billion times. Seriously. Thank You! You don't have to choose any of the tiers - any amount you can afford even a buck or two helps, but if you can pick a tier there will be special bonuses.

Love, Light, Laughter, Kindness, creativity & Abundance are yours if you support this Institution for the Advancement of Foolishness. God Speed braver warrior & thanks!  More info and bonus extras and unheard pranks and unseen footage and remastered insanity coming soon.
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Hey, let's start small and work it back up. The first 10 patrons will be considered the FOUNDERS. You got the ball rolling and regardless of the amount you give you will always be the first 10 and thanked in videos and audio, plus entrance in to the super friends founder message board. I'll also do a personal message for you in any accent, character, voice, dialect I can do for your voicemail, website, grandma, kid, or pet Okapi.
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