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Hi there!  I'm Blaise Corvin, a new indie author.  I write Delvers LLC, a GameLit/Fantasy/Adventure/Portal series.

Despite accusations to the contrary, I am human.  As such, I get a lot of energy from comments and affirmation that people like my work.  I set up this Patreon page not only to give me a monetary incentive to keep writing, but also as an emotional kick-in-the-butt.

It'll be easier to remind myself that others are reading my work and waiting for updates when I see tangible proof of people willing to donate on Patreon. :)

*Note:  Every contribution regardless of size is appreciated.

**Second Note:  I'm aware that my video is a little out of date.  I am trying to find the time to update it.
55% complete
This goal is the big one - at this point I would be able to seriously consider leaving my life of crime (or corporate work) and write full time.  
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