Blazenfury2314 is creating Gaming Let's Plays and Tutorials!

$1 /creation
I will shout you out in a video and if you send me a YouTube message I will post a link to whatever you like (appropriate links only.)

$3 /creation
I will whitelist you to my current multiplayer Minecraft server. This whitelisting will only be good until the server is changed to a new modpack. It is currently FTB Monster 1.1.0

$10 /creation
Guest star with me in a video. You pick the game or Minecraft map. This is a one time appearance so pick a map or game that can be completed within a 30 minute episode(with editing)

$15 /creation
Become a moderator in my stream! Also you get to guest start in one of my streams and pick the game we play during the duration. (4 hour maximum)

$50 /creation
Join me in a series on my YouTube channel! This could be a Let's Play of any game or a play through on a Minecraft map or modpack.