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My Everlasting Gratitude!
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Stuck trying to follow a tutorial? Working on a personal project and just don't know what to do next? Well I will provide you with my Blender help and advice to help you with any problems that you may encounter. (+ all previous rewards)
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Hey Everyone! As some of you might know, running Blend Master is not my full time job. It also takes a lot of work out of my day to create new videos, record, edit, and publish them. I love to create these videos and share my unorthodox methods, but I can't afford to keep taking time away to focus on this channel. That is why I am asking you guys to please donate and support me so that I can continue to grow my channel and share my knowledge with you guys. Any amount of support that you give me will be greatly valued, even if its just you sharing this page with your family and friends.
Thanks for all the support so far! Don't forget to keep Blending!
Ethan (BlendMaster)
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Hey Everyone! Ads, they are so annoying, especially when you can't skip them. I promise to get rid of all video ads in my tutorials that are over a month old. New videos will still have ads, but after a month, I will disable them. So let's work together to get rid of ads!
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