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You will be given a nice surreal material, that only exists here. Could be used for a wallpaper or rug ... or just as modern art perhaps?

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If you want to shine, you can be listed in the footer of my page as a good sponsor with your name (real or avatar as long it's not offending).

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As you know, I like to write explanatory documentation. To be able to get it faster, and have the right to comment in it, you will get links to whatever material documentation I'm currently writing.




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About Joakim Tornhill


I'm the author of Beginners guide to cycles nodes, the procedural way  and Procedural wear from A to Z in Blender. This of course means that I like to make my own material in Blender without using any images at all.

I also love to share my material and knowledge to others, so I have started my page Blender Insight textures, where you totally free can download procedural textures. They then belongs to you without any limitations. The downloads are no pictures, but the raw .blend file. This also means that you easily can do small changes and fine tune the setup to get similar material with a different appearance.

My focus on this specific area started when I saw the huge need of explanations on forums on how to use the cycles nodes. I then started the YT channel "Blender Insight", the FB group "Blender Procedural Textures" and also wrote the documents I mentioned above. 
Hopefully it have helped many of you that wanted to understand how the cycles nodes worked and I will continue to help as much as I can.

Since I now teach everything I know about the nodes to all that wants to listen, why should I have a "Patreon" site?

The main reason is of course that I would like to be able to do this full time, but also to afford to have extra web pages as showcase for all the materials and textures you can download. Right now it's just on my spare time and I don't have that much time to help all of those that want a fantastic material to their projects. If this is a success it will give me more time and you will get more materials to use as you like (even change or sell) and absolutely free :). 

Even if I teach you all I know of this subject, I believe that you like to have a library to pick from rather than doing things from scratch. I also believe that I have some eye for patterns and are able to produce high quality stuff.

So, support me... and I will be able to support you more :).

Link to all the textures:

$17.14 of $100 per month
As an appreciation for believing in me as a Patreon, I will create a material specifically designed and wished for the person that happens to be the one that makes me reach this goal. The material will then be shared to all of you of course. This will also keep my Website going and that I thank you for!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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