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Are the current amounts of Conventional Wisdom & Far Out There just not enough for you?  Well guess what?  Pledging even one single dollar will get you access to a wealth of additional comics weeks, or even MONTHS before the rest of the Internet gets to see them!  Things like:

Extra Conventional Wisdom pages
-all those convention comics not enough for you?  Patreon supporters will get a few EXTRA pages from each update, posted here a week after the main update
Far Out There side stories -an extra, once-a-week comic full of extra world building and fleshing out side characters and all that fun stuff!
Weekly Conventional Wisdom anime comics
-wish I was drawing comics about something a little less "real life?" Well, now you can see me watch through a lot of popular (or not) anime and draw whatever the heck they make me think of!  See me make really weird jokes about YOUR favorite show!
Even more Far Out There comics -not a long running, weekly story like the previously mentions comics, but a two-to-five page short series every month or so.  There'll also be something else special about them, If you bid a little extra.  Read on!
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Want to know more about how Far Out There or Conventional Wisdom happen?  Want to hear about the stories or comic ideas that DIDN'T make it onto the internet?  Just want to hear me ramble on about some silly stuff that no one other than me finds interesting?  Well you're in luck!  Pledging an extra buck not only gets you all those comics I just told you about, but ALSO grants you access to extra blog posts!  Now, these won't come out as regularly as the comics, since I really only have so many ideas to talk about. BUT, unlike the comics, this will truly be Patreon-EXCLUSIVE content.  This stuff isn't going up on the websites next week, next year, or ever.  It's JUST for you, the Patreon supporter, because you rule!
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Okay, now we're getting to the really fun stuff. Not only will you get to read all the comics and blog posts, but those pledging 5 Dollars a Month will actually get to control what those comics are!

Add An Anime To The Comic Queue -don't like the anime I'm watching for these things?  Want to see me do comics about YOUR favorite anime? Well here's your chance!  People pledging at this level can shoot me a request via message and get one anime of their choosing added to the list!  Of course, there are a few rules:
  1. ONE ANIME PER PERSON (AT A TIME) -You can make a new request once your last one is off the list, but not before
  2. NO REPEATS -Once I've watched an anime & added it to the "Done" list, it can't be requested again.
  3. NO SMUT -Duh
  4. NOTHING OVER 26 EPISODE -Honestly, I'm a bit flexible on the exact number, but no ten season 500+ episode epics.
  5. NOTHING STILL AIRING -I need to be able to binge watch the whole show, waiting for new episodes won't work
  6. NO SPECIFIC REQUESTS -That is, no "be sure to mention this part!" demands. You pick the show, but I need to pick the jokes.
  7. ONLY ACTIVE SUPPORTERS -I understand if money gets tight, but if you have to cancel your pledge, I'll still have to take your request off the queue (However, if you sign back up again, I'll put it back in its previous spot)
  8. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SAY "NO" -You never know, sometimes I might have to reject a request or back out on one I'd previously said yes to.  (If this does happen, you can pick a new anime without losing your place in the queue)

Co-Write a Far Out There comic -remember when I said there'd be other Far Out There Patreon comics, and then to read on?  Well, here we are!  Those extra comics are going to be written with YOUR HELP!  Every so often, I'll post a two or three sentence plot summary, with several important words left blank, Mad-Lib style.  Submit your completed versions (either message me or comment on the post), and I'll draw up a two-to-five page comic version to share with everybody!  Once again, there's a few rules:
  1. ONE SUBMISSION PER PERSON (PER POST) -No sending me five different versions of the same Mad-Lib, guys.
  2. NO HOGGING THIS REWARD -Assuming there's more than one person who actually cares about this reward, of course. If there's several people interested, but the same guy keeps submitting ones that get picked, I reserve the right to ask that person to sit out a round and give others a shot
  3. NO SMUT -Duh
  4. NOTHING TOO ELABORATE -Remember, these things can't be more than five pages
  5. NO CROSSOVER/CAMEOS WITH OTHER STUFF -I might change my mind on this one, but for now let's avoid it.
  6. NO COMPLAINING IF I MAKE IT WEIRD -that is, if I don't flesh out what you wrote how you thought I would. I still need to be free to do whatever strikes me as funniest
  7. THIS AIN'T CANON -Don't think that slipping something into one of these comics means you've made it real forever, you clever little sneaks.
  8. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SAY "NO" -Again, you never know.  Something could happen and a previously funny joke isn't funny now, I could realize something I didn't before, who knows?  (If, for some reason, I picked your idea then backed out, you get come up with a new one)




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Hey there!  I'm Simon Ladd, sometimes knows as "Blitz the Comic Guy" if you ask the right person, and I draw webcomics!  You like webcomics, right?  YOU DO?  Great, 'cos I've got some!

Conventional Wisdom is a journal webcomic about anime conventions.  Want to know what it's like to go to an anime convention but don't feel like standing in line and bumping into cosplayers?  Sure, we all do!  Conventional Wisdom presents all the real life, non-fictional weirdness of REAL anime conventions, only with cute cartoon mascots thrown in!  Just like real life SHOULD be.

Far Out There is a manga-esque SciFi comedy where a lot of things happen... IN SPACE!  If you like zany futuristic shenanigans, lots of wacky characters, and a really honestly ridiculous ammount of older material to binge read, Far Out There is the webcomic for you!

And those are just the most regular comics I do.  I haven't even gotten into the other SciFi/Fantasy one-offs or comedies about a little girl and her pet alien or Digimon fancomics or who knows what.  All of which YOU could help support!

Your generous contributions will help with the cost of getting to those anime conventions, and occasionally even getting Artist Alley tables there to sell stuff.  And in the future, it could also go to cool stuff like print collections of Conventional Wisdom and Far Out There, or even some video projects based on them both!  That all depends on you being awesome and supporting this stuff, but you ARE awesome, right?  Come on, you know you're awesome!
$39.35 of $100 per month
Add A New Convention To The List

Want to see more Conventional Wisdom? If I make at least this much per month, I can afford to add another big con to my yearly schedule!  Want me to finally do DragonCon or something like that?  Here's how you get me there!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 355 exclusive posts

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