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About Blondeguygamer

Hey there, I go by Blondeguygamer (or Blondy for short). You can imagine how long the creative process took to come up with that name, but I have put more thought into what I do online, which is mostly in-depth reviews of video games that aim to inform and entertain. For several years, I've been covering games from various platforms and genres and as time went on, I turned my focus onto showcasing more lesser played spinoffs, sequels, or whatever I feel is unique. As of now, my videos mainly fall onto these categories:

Black Sheep Game Reviews: These cover games that stand out compared to the rest of a series or are simply just different from usual games. They also sometimes come in shorter "little" variations.

They Made a Sequel?: Reviews going over lesser known follow ups of games. AKA, ones that may make people go "They Made a Sequel?" when brought up.

North American Tales of Retrospective: A retrospective review series covering Namco's Tales of series (Tales of Symphonia, Phantasia, etc.) that were released in the North American region and in the order of when they released.

Kick Back: Short reviews covering games that were funded through Kickstarter and other crowd funded sources. (These won't be charged as full reviews on Patreon since they are the most simple of them)

In addition to my Youtube, I also contribute these shows to RiverCityGamers on a fairly consistent basis. While I enjoy making these, I'd be lying if I said they weren't taxing. I'm essentially a one-man team doing all the footage capturing, scripting, filming, and editing, which is why I've decided to join Patreon to help ease the process with proceeds going towards improving video output and quality. Any Patrons that wish to contribute will be rewarded with early access (even earlier than RiverCityGamers), exclusive behind the scenes content, and the ability to decide what games will be reviewed next. But keep in mind, this is all voluntary and all reviews will still be free to the public regardless. In the meantime, if you would like to give a little boost towards my productions, I assure you won't regret it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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