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Hello, World! WayofTime here, to tell you all about my new Patreon campaign!

As you all probably know, Patreon is pretty much like a constant kick-starter campaign designed to help content creators focus on what they love to do while allowing them to accept donations from those that love their work. It allows the creator of the content to keep something truly free while still getting a nice payday at the end of the month!

I am WayofTime, the developer for the Minecraft mod, Blood Magic. Blood Magic focuses on using a player's or entity's life essence to fuel an arcane magic that increases the user's power dramatically. It aims to make sure that the player has the most amount of fun possible while maintaining a constant feel of balance. What I bring to the table is over 2 years of Minecraft modded adventure experience and a year under my belt of modding itself - since a lot of modders started coding without having a thorough experience in actually playing the game. I know what is fun for the player mainly because I know it's fun for me!

Best not to just take my word for it, however, since I only wish for you to donate if you want to.

What will you get in return, though? That's a good question! All of the rewards are listed to the side and below, however some gifts shall include things like early Beta access to the mod, a group chat once a week, and even items or rituals named after the donator! "Global" milestones will also include stuff like myself streaming on the Forgecraft 2 server every week for an appreciable amount of time, and maybe even create a few Youtube videos for those that wish to view them!

With your support, I hope that Blood Magic shall continue for a long time! The mod shall forever be free, even if no one donates at all, but your contribution would be very much appreciated!
$5 of $100 per month
At this milestone, I will do a weekly stream that will last about three hours each Saturday. The content will vary from coding Blood Magic with some music in the background to creating art assets to even playing with the folks on ForgeCraft! Each week on the Friday before, I will release a strawpoll to gauge what the audience wants to watch.
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