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About BloodShotKnight

I am a gamer and a digital artist. I'm not the best at lots of things and I'm good at a very small selection of things, I love gaming and by love i mean LOOOOOVE gaming. I watch a lot of anime like loads of anime so I'm sort of a weeb and not really online that much. I draw as said before on my phone (which is how I made my profile picture) but i barely do because its anime or games mostly (me usually:THE ART STYLE WOO OOH I WISH I COULD DO THAT) I barely upload on YouTube as of making this but do live stream on my twitch now and again.
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♡☆♡ Party meetup and fun and games on ps4 warframe get to come and party with me and the others ♡☆♡

*PS4 Warframe is required duh*
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