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About The Bloomingtonian

The Bloomingtonian is an independently run news site featuring visual journalism which highlights events and covers issues within the Bloomington, Indiana community, and surrounding areas.

Journalist, photographer, and filmmaker Jeremy Hogan has served local communities as a journalist since 1988. As a freshman in high school he worked part-time for the Porterville Recorder in Central California. In 1997, he graduated with a journalism degree from San Jose State. This education and real-world experience landed Hogan a job at the local newspaper in Bloomington, Indiana.

Unfortunately, like many small town papers, a large corporation bought out the newspaper in 2019. Hogan is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of institutional knowledge, and an intimate understanding of the Bloomington community, and what is news to its residents. He's offering that knowledge, and experience back to the community via The Bloomingtonian. But Hogan cannot accomplish this goal alone. Journalism can be time consuming, and expensive and unfortunately, Google Ads, and having work on Facebook, and other sites, doesn't create the revenue to support local journalism. Hogan is seeking support from his local community and beyond via Patreon. Your help as a contributor, or subscriber can make this vision come to fruition.

The vision: Offer coverage of breaking news, features, video stories, information about events and the unique happenings that make Bloomington special with a smattering of election coverage, and national news via imagery, and coverage, that can't be found elsewhere. Hogan’s accomplishments: work entered in the Pulitzer Prize competition for spot news, Hoosier State Press Association Photo of the Year award. Internships at the Modesto Bee, Indianapolis News, Kansas City Star, Palm Beach Post and the Ann Arbor News.

As a contributing filmmaker to Getty Images, his video work is distributed worldwide. His photography is distributed through photo agencies such as Getty Images, Polaris Images, Associated Press, SOPA Images, Zuma, and Shutterstock, his work can often be found on the websites of national, and international news outlets such as Time, L’Express, Wall Street Journal, VICE, the Daily Beast, etc.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts