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Redstone Patrons will receive:

- Access to Patron's only section of Discord. I will post teaser pictures in the Patron's only section of things I am working on.

- Tier based Discord Roles and Colors to match!

- Access to participate in community events only for Patrons. Events could include joining up with me and other Patrons for a live stream, a Patron's only Discord Q&A with me, and other potential community ideas that you all might have!

*Discord Access is a lifetime reward. Even if you only donate once, you're always welcome in the Patron's only section of Discord as long as you follow the rules / guidelines of my Discord community.

Includes Discord benefits
per month

Gold Patrons will receive:

- Access to The Nest - BluJay's Patreon Realm.*

- All Redstone rewards.

*This subscription must be renewed monthly to maintain access to the realm. Depending on the number of Patrons and ability to fund the renewal / maintenance costs this policy may change to have a grace period or permanent access at any time.

** Absolutely NO GRIEFING on The Nest. That means no destructive activity towards other players' builds (unless given direct permission from that specific player), no stealing resources from other players, no adult content, no offensive, prejudiced or racist content at all! I have a zero tolerance policy. If you are proven to have violated any of these terms you will be removed from the realm without refund or chance of renewal. Let's keep it family-friendly folks and we'll all have a great time!

Includes Discord benefits
per month

Diamond Patrons will receive:

- 1 Custom Skin or Variation of your existing skin per month created just for you!*

- All Gold and Redstone rewards.

*This reward takes time to complete and will be made available to you as soon as possible. We will need to have a discussion of what kind of skin / variation you are looking for. 

Includes Discord benefits




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I am a content creator on Twitch and YouTube primarily focused on creating Minecraft content. For whatever reason you find yourself on this page, I just want to say thank you! I appreciate your support first of all by being a part of my community and if that's all that you are able to do, that means the world to me! I couldn't ask for a better community of people to grow with!

I also really appreciate you making the effort to come here to consider a contribution to the BluJay Games content creation process! Let me tell you how you can help and how you will benefit from your contribution!

My family is growing! My wife and I have a couple kiddos with a third on the way! Mrs. BluJay is a stay at home mom and champions that role with such strength and passion! That being said, we are currently a single income family so making a little bit of side income through Twitch and Patreon is a HUGE help to our family!

As my community continues to grow and more people make the choice to support through Twitch Subscriptions, BITS or Patreon Tiers, I would love to be able to make some upgrades to my current setup as well. I'm so grateful to have been able to purchase a budget gaming laptop mid-year 2019 so that I could start creating more professional content and enter into the streaming world. However, I'm in need of a desk (I currently use a small shelf as a desk) and a chair (piano bench currently). Those are things I would love to upgrade in the near future. I would also love to upgrade my Hard Drive and add additional RAM to my computer to make the content you see that much better.

If you contribute to my Patreon, I will provide a variety of rewards at different tiers including a Patreon Exclusive Realm just for the contributing community, a Patron's only section on my Official Discord, join up with Twitch Streams and play on a world or mini-game LIVE with me and more! Feel free to browse and take a look at the full list of rewards available to you!

I can't say it enough! So I'll say it again - THANK YOU! Regardless of what tier you decide to contribute, any amount of support given is greatly appreciated! So thank you for stopping by and for your contribution. I'll see you back over on Twitch and YouTube with more great content waiting for you!

- BluJay

Rewards will be distributed when your payment is processed at the beginning of the following month.

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