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There is not much I can give except for my eternal gratitude and the access to the Jenkins (kindly provided by Team Acronym Coders) where the latest dev-builds of IE are located ^^

Custom Revolver

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As a thank you for donating, you get to use a custom skin on your revolver. This skin is named "Last Word" and you get to chose whether you want the scoped or the unscoped version (The scope has no influence on gameplay). Additionally, it comes with a unique holstering and unholstering animation, where you spin it around.

Inside Joke

Limited (4 of 5 remaining)
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As a thank you for pledging so much of your hard earned cash, I grant you the chance of including your very own reference/joke/pun in the Engineer's Manual! :D
What this entails is pretty much up to you, you can make a punny or witty subtext for a manual entry or even hide something in the text. Since this is obviously a little more complex, I'd probably talk this out in detail with every Patron via Discord or something ^^




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About BluSunrize

I'm BluSunrize, Blu or Dan, and I'm a Minecraft Mod-Developer. I develop for the fun of it and switch my focus based on my interest at the time.
I taught myself how to mod over the last 4 years, and after a few failed projects, I actually publish stuff now, as well!

My most prominent project, that most people have probably heard about is "Immersive Engineering".
It's a techmod that Damien Hazard and myself are developing together (he does the art, I do the code).
Other works include Witching Gadgets, a Thaumcraft addon, Traveller's Gear, an RPG style inventory, AquaTweaks, a client-only mod to make underwater builds a bit prettier, Description Tags and BluDecorations.
Further details about those can be found in their respective Threads on the Minecraft Forums, or on Curse:

Well, to quote a great SciFi saga: I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe. I do not believe in demanding money for my content, but I appreciate any support I might get! :D
Basically, it helps me pay for stuff like phone bills, internet access and ice tea, my aqua vitae ;D
It also pays, in part, for more extravagant expenses, like a recent trip to PAX East I took, a video game convention in Boston, where I got to meet a lot of cool people, including fans of my work! :D

And you get...?
My eternal gratitude for one! Also, there is a Jenkins build server linked directly to the IE github, where the latest development builds are located.
Also, there are (currently) two other pledge levels which allow you to get a unique skin for the revolver in IE and possibly even hide your own little reference in its manual! :D
These rewards will be applied at the start of each month when the pledges have been collected, since that makes sorting through patrons much easier ^^
Also, the higher-priced rewards include the benefits of the lower level (people who go for Manual reference will still get the revolver).
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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