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About Mildred Arizpe-Vicencio

Hi, and thanks so much for coming by!

My name is Mildred and I go by the screen name BlueAlhena since I started my DeviantArt account almost 20 years ago. Although I have been happily writing and doodling since then, purely as a hobby, I´ve never been able to pursue art with the commitment and dedication I would have wanted.
Until very recently, that is.
Right now I am making up for the lost time and catching up with some old and beloved art related projects, and writing stories that sometimes blend fantasy and science. 

Why Fantasy?
I have loved fantasy and stories since I was a young child. My favorite reading themes were fairytales and mythology, and I loved illustrated books.
I have spent a good part of my adult life studying, working and conducting research in different fields, specially education and environement.  But even when I grew up and could spend less and less time reading for pleasure and pursuing art for the enjoyment of it, storybooks, fantasy, folklore and fiction novels and short stories remained a sanctuary and an inspiration.
Recently, while I was conducting research on children education, stories and the power of fiction became, unexpectedly, a driving force to my studies. Right now, I am trying to return to that point in my childhood when almost everything could become an inspiration and creativity flowed freely. It is certainly a challenge, but I believe I could not do anything else with the same conviction and love.

Why could you enjoy following this journey?
If you enjoy fantasy related work, especially from a non-traditional perspective (e.g. an emphasis in the mythological origins of fairy tales), you could definitely enjoy my work.
I want to reach a point where I am able to create illustratated storybooks and works of fiction that serve as gate-ways to fantasy for children and grown-ups. I want to create art and stories that I would have loved to encounter as I was growing up.

Why Patreon?
Patreon is an excellent way to support people that create content that you love.
Patreon empowers creators of all kinds, and gives us tools to reach and connect with more people, and eventually, (hopefully) helping us to gain a sustainable income. Having more patreons would mean having more resources to dedicate myself full-time to create stories and illustrations. 

A little more about me.
I'm a self-taught artist from México, I currently live in the beautiful and vibrant city of Guadalajara with two lovely cats.
My illustrations are heavily inspired on Alphonse Mucha and Art Noveau, Fantasy illustration and some manga-style and comic art. I mostly work with traditional media: markers and colored pencils. I am re-learning to use watercolors and acrylics.
When I am not drawing or writing stories, I am probably  reading mythology, fantasy novels or science and psychology journals. I also enjoy cooking and baking, and I adore astronomy, coffee and cats.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 67 exclusive posts

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