A. Skeeter Jean Welhouse

is creating A Novel Series called The Web Walker Chronicles

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 For As little as $2 a month (That's a cup of coffee folks) you can get exclusive access to a secret Facebook page where you can check in with Skeeter for Weekly bonuses, live readings, story time, and Q&A Sessions! It's True, All you have to do is sign up and you'll get the in on the latest with Blue Moon Weaver and The Web Walker Chronicles. 
Lurkers & Seekers
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Seeking answers, they step from shadow into the light!

A monthly look into what's ahead, sent traditionally of coarse, but I'm afraid I am out of messenger birds, so snails and ponies will have to work for now.

Shamans and Mystics
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They know the majik here is strong and needs to be tempered regularly. Smudging wands, stones of healing, and prayers for every sacred moon. A mini smudge kit for every full moon to help bless you as you have blessed me, sent traditionally of coarse, but I'm afraid Hermes is unavailable right now, so those who serve under his watch will deliver it for him.




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Wow, you wonderfully brave and curious souls! I bid thee, Welcome! Your desire to know more, to expand your depth of understanding upon this venture has lead you to me, a life once lived by the very soul writing this, perhaps a life your own soul knew once, if only you were open to the ideal it. But this is not the time for mischief or games, but rather a time of rejoicement as you have agreed to step up and join ranks with us in this labyrinth of time, space, and historical reconfiguration. So,my daring friend, who will you stand by as the tale unfolds? And more importantly, will you stay loyal as it will matter more later than now, but as we are friends, I wish to welcome you and thank you for your patronage, open armed, as long as you do the same.
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With $500 coin in my coffers, comfortably ensuring my next days meal, I can take the time to read from the chapters of the Web Walker Chronicles over a live podcast, sharing the adventure in the voices I know so well. While answering your questions about the books and its characters, within reason of coarse! Who knows, one of you might end up live with me, to help read the script and talk about you a bit. Consider it my thrill and honor to do so as the story teller in return for the jingle in my cap.
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