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Access to Patreon only posts such as 

  • The Ability to vote on each months patreon artwork

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  • Special thanks on my Instagram stories
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All rewards from previous tiers

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  • 2x randomly chosen sticker which will be sent out at the start of each month.
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All rewards from previous tiers

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About BluePanda

Hello there, I'm Blue, but if you've made it here you probably already know that. For those who don't know me though, welcome to my patreon page. My actual name is Andrea, but online I prefer to go by Blue. I'm a 21 year old from the UK.

I've been doing art in various forms for pretty much my whole life. When it came time to choose what I wanted to do in life during highschool, I had the idea of being an animator at Pixar. As distant as this dream seemed, I worked hard for the last of my highschool career to get into a 3D animation course. Which luckily I got in to. As I got through the years of my course, I discovered I enjoyed the modelling side of 3D more than the animation. I realised during this time that I didn't want to work in a studio, and rather set off and do my own thing instead. It was also during this time that I treated myself to a tablet upgrade for digital art, and I got back into the drawing side of my art.

Which brings us to where I am now. Currently I have a small part time job in a shop which I enjoy. But seeing as art is what I've grown up doing, I want to make my art my career. Which is part of the reason why I made this patreon, as a way for people to help support me with what I do online if they want to (don't feel like you need to support me if your aren't able to afford to keep yourself healthy)

So what is it that you would be helping me with? Well like the title says, I make art in many different forms and also stream over on twitch. I also have my own Etsy store where I sell prints of some of the art that I make. I have so many plans for what I want to add the the shop such as enamel pins and stickers. And hopefully with the help from patreon and streaming on twitch, I can have the time and funds to make those plans become reality.

So if you read this far, are able to spare some money and would like to help out with everything that I do. Then that's great and I'd be super grateful of you if you did. I have multiple different tiers and rewards you can choose from from $2 to $15. Whatever tier you choose, you'll have access to all my behind the scenes and progress images on any artwork that I'm working on during that time, a vote of what each months print will be and a special shoutout and thanks on my Instagram stories which also stays on its own story on my profile.

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