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Blue Star Comics is the collective name for three webcomics within a shared continuity - Wright as RayneThe Black Princess, and Blue Blood Heroes - produced by Martin Ferguson and Adam Cowie, and also intended to be used in reference to an assortment of other projects in the future and also hopefully branched out to inviting other artists and writers into the fold with their own projects also carrying the label and being cross-promoted with them.

Our primary hopes out of Patreon are to have enough money coming in from the comics on a regular basis as to be sure we can comfortably continue with production as needed - such as helping to make sure we can continue to put as much time into the comics as we do into other matters that might otherwise be more profitable such as commissions or providing funds for a safety net in the event of issues (with computers, tablets, or anything else) that might otherwise delay the comics' production - and to afford for expansion in the future, such as making it more viable for us to set up more static URLs for our comics, possibly opening the door to some degree of merchandising, and allowing us to invest more time into them and hopefully either make updates slightly more frequent or begin production on some of our other intended projects.

Wright as Rayne is the story of Alex Rayne, a famous vigilante who late one night is attacked and awakens the next morning to find that his mind is now in the body of teenage girl Dorothy Wright. Now Alex must live life as her, all while taking up the new identity of rookie superheroine Starchild in the hopes of himself and Dorothy being returned to normal.

The Black Princess is a sister series that follows witch Sareena Black and her best friend Misty Smid, working their job of investigating a wide assortment of magic-related people or situations and at times directly confronting them. In the midst of this, they begin to uncover reasons to question their loyalty to their employers.

Blue Blood Heroes follows six pre-teen children who do to a recently-discovered gene anomaly have been blessed with superpowers that has also caused their blood to turn blue, leading them to take up arms against crime.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 137 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 137 exclusive posts

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