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About Bob Kincaid

The HORN is live, progressive, non-commercial, advertising-free conversation radio. No "Buy Gold Now" ads. No pitches for dodgy Russian websites. No hustles for wood floors or radios or vaccuum cleaners that pick up bowling balls.

We've built a community around The H.O.R.N. and it is that community that makes everything so special. The HORN Family/Community/Congregation interacts, laughs, cries, carries on together. Most of all, we talk together. You'll not find this format in commercial broadcasting. Calls are actual conversations, not "That's enough about you, let's talk about me" three minute exchanges followed by a seven minute break. Many people say this is unlike anything they've ever shared their time listening to, whether live or in delay.

This campaign is an effort to build a base of 400 subscribers at $10 per month ("The Fabulous/Fantastic/Fortitudinous/Far-out {pick one} 400"). That works out to somewhere around 16 cents per hour of programming for each subscriber. It's a strictly voluntary effort. It's also not limited to ten bucks. George Soros is free to throw in as much as he can bear to part with.

Every new $10 subscriber will get a HORN bumper sticker. Subscribers at $20 get a HORN bumper sticker, -but wait, there's more- AND a "They.Want.It.All" bumper sticker, featuring a hog in a top-hat, both of which are exclusive to HORN subscribers.

If you aren't already a member of the HORN F/C/C, give it a try. Like many over the years, you may find yourself tuning in night after night. You may find yourself actually caring about the people you hear and hear from. You may find out that broadcasting can be something more than a way to direct consumers to products with some content thrown in between the breaks.
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The H.O.R.N. needs 400 monthly subscribers at an average of $10 apiece to meet monthly bills. That's what it takes to keep us on air. With 400 subscribing patrons, I, Bob, also get the monumental luxury of not taking up program time talking about fund-raising, thereby creating at least ten more minutes for actual content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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