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About Bob the Green Guy

I’ve been an advocate for all things energy, transportation and food related for nearly 40 years. I’ve been figuring out how the web and social media work and applying it specifically to my causes. It’s been a lot of trial and error and probably will continue to be for as long as the technology changes. Spreading the word about these issues is easier than ever. Doing it tastefully is the art in the work. Apparently I’m doing something right.
Recently, Andrea Stander, Director of the state-wide grassroots organization Rural Vermont, and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin presented me with the Environmental Communicator Award for my commitment to environmental communication. Here’s what she said,
Bob is the digital age’s equivalent of a charismatic itinerant preacher blended with Johnny Appleseed. Bob effectively uses his considerable skills for leveraging the power of digital media to “spread the word” and his tireless dedication to “showing up” at any event or gathering (in VT or NH) where there might be the opportunity to gently bend someone’s ear about the value and opportunity of clean renewable energy, especially when it comes to the PACE program. Through his own effort, he has become knowledgeable in all the latest green technologies and he can talk about them in plain compelling language that wins over even the most skeptical. Bob is fearless in talking to anyone and absolutely committed to doing everything he can to promote the widespread adoption of conservation, energy efficiency, sustainability and ending our reliance on fossil fuels.”