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The set includes:
  • 4 Regular miniatures with unique poses
  • 1 Unique hero character
  • 1 Sidekick/Familiar model



About Bombshell Miniatures

Welcome to the Bombshop on Patreon!
This month's featured set contains the following:

December's models is the Super Pulp Set, a team of questionable super heroes. Starting off is Kestrel, whose voice can create ultrasonic vibrations whenever she screams, allowing her to severely damage both organic and inorganic objects.

We will be suspending billing in 2021

We will NOT be collecting payments in MARCH 2021
Maintaining the current monthly schedule as it is has created a large backlog of work behind the scenes. For several months it has been a struggle getting new releases completed for Patreon downloads before the end of the month. As with many other Patreons that have downloads ready to go at the first of each month, I have not been able to return to a reasonable schedule to allow for this. Vicky and I have discussed this at length and have decided it would be best to take a break in order to catch up on all of the neglected work before resuming any more Patreon releases.

You may continue your subscription without being billed or you can follow the page and we will continue to post news and updates until we return to a reasonable release schedule.

I will post an update before we activate billing again.

Official STL Web Stores
If you've missed our previous models on Patreon, they are available for download in our web store.
Visit Bombshell's STL Web Store
Visit Bombshell on MyMinifactory

The Bomb Kit - Welcome Pack
You will also get instant access to our Bomb Kit as a welcome package of bonus digital STL files containing a selection of miniatures, accessories, and scenic pieces as our thanks for your support. Currently the Bomb Kit includes The Retro Lab, The Arcane Forge, The Ammo Dump, Weapons Set (with and without attached hands), and a Core Bases Set.


$10 or more per month

Receive digital STL downloads for all of the current month's sculpts.
Currently available is DECEMBER'S SUPER PULP SET
About Us
We are Patrick Keith and Vicky Morgan-Keith, dedicated to making quality miniatures for all manner of tabletop games. Each month we will produce themed sets of miniatures you may download as STL files to print out on your home 3D printer.

We are very experienced at what we do! I have been a sculptor for the gaming industry since 2005 providing work for some of the top miniatures companies like  ReaperDark Sword, and Privateer Press just to name a few. We launched our first Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to create Babes and Sidekicks. Seven subsequent campaigns followed, each funded successfully and fulfilled on time. Vicky is a skilled designer and author, having written several gaming books, comics and graphic novels. She crafts characters and settings for us to produce, structures our funding & fulfillment, and keeps operations running as smooth as a greased gear in the Bombshop. We are now thrilled to offer this next evolution of Bombshell 2.0 delivering quality digital miniatures directly to you for printing, painting, and play. Thank you so much for supporting our work!

Terms and Conditions of Use
All files downloaded from Patreon are meant for you as a Patron only. If someone asks for a copy of the model, please send them here to get them to subscribe or to the Bombshell store linked above to pick it up. The more subscribers we get, the better value you will all get for your money.
By downloading the content from this site you accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by its provisions. If you do not accept or agree with these terms, please do not download it.
Terms of use are as follows:
  • STL files are for personal use only. Print as many as you want for your own use, but please do not sell or otherwise distribute them.
  • You may modify the STL files for your own personal use, but you may not upload the modified file to any platform to allow others to download it.
  • You may use elements from the files in your own sculpts, as long as credit is given to either myself directly (Patrick Keith) or to Bombshell Miniatures as a contributor. (note, I make no claim to your model or of any profits following it, I just want to ensure I'm credited).
  • All models are sculpted to 32mm scale unless otherwise stated. You may print them at larger sizes if you wish but please note when publishing images that the original sculpt is intended as a 32mm mini.
  • All miniatures produced by us are not to be redistributed on in any digital format on any platform (including Kickstarter, other Patreon Accounts, Thingverse etc.)
  • Prints of miniatures may not be sold, distributed freely, replicated, molded, cast, or reproduced in any way for commercial purposes.
  • If you publish any images using the miniatures, please take the time to put a link back to our website, Patreon, Facebook, etc. so that others can find us - the more subscribers we get, the better value you get!
  • All copyrights belong to Bombshell Miniatures. NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user in the act of subscribing. Our designs are protected by intellectual property laws.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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