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About Bonnie L. Price

Hello, everyone! My name is Bonnie L. Price, and I write romantic fantasy novels. Some of my readers call me The Demon Queen since I love writing about demonic characters!

I'm here on Patreon to share my first drafts with readers, and to interact with all of you!

Writing is my life, and anything I made through Patreon goes directly into the publishing process for my books--covers, editing, and marketing.

What series do you post?

(In chronological order.)

Of Astral and Umbral
is a High Fantasy series set on the world of Avrirsa. In it, you will follow the two main characters, Arianna and Nalithor, as they rediscover each other and attempt to save their world from corruption. This series is a slow burn in regards to romance. The first few books are not available on Patreon itself because I didn't have one when I first began writing it. You can find book one, Beneath the Mists, here.

Can a broken prince and a cursed heroine come together to save their world?

Forbidden to love, Arianna dedicates her powerful dark magic to protecting her twin brother and their people from the monsters beyond the city walls. She never realizes the true test lies ahead, embodied in a sinfully handsome god who seems all too familiar.

Nalithor, born a demonic prince, has achieved godhood. But, even the gods feel. Confronted with the appearance of a woman he saw die, he finds himself carefully watching her, asking himself a single question over and over: is she real? Or is she a trap set to see me fall?

Together, Arianna and Nalithor must fight to restore their world while battling a deadly attraction.

Deck of Souls is a High Fantasy GameLit series. It uses a mastery system instead of the more traditional leveling systems you see in most GameLit, and does not use traditional stats or tables. You can find book one, Fateseal, here.

Gods, demons, and heroes. Standard MMO fare—or so Cerys Collins thought.

As a long-time gamer and guild leader, Cerys has always wondered what it would be like to live in virtual reality. When her guild members convince her to try a new VRMMO, she discovers reality is far more complex than she knew.

Chosen by the gods of another world, Cerys finds herself trapped between warring factions: a tyrannical human empire and an oppressed kingdom of demons. When she discovers her best friend has been dragged into this new world as well, Cerys is forced to choose between saving her friend or looking at the bigger picture.

If Cerys is to be anything more than a pawn in the gods' game, she'll have to leverage everything she's learned on her home world and in past games, before it's too late.

With a cocky incubus king vying for more than her loyalty, her quest won’t be an easy one.

The Deck of Souls series contains some dark themes, profanity, violence, and adult relationships.

Shatterpact is a contemporary/supernatural series set on Earth, and following a human woman named Celia--and the demon she encounters.

All Celia wanted was to make tasty sandwiches for a friend's baby shower.

When her cooking endeavors summon a demon in her kitchen, Celia thinks sending him back to his home will be the end of their story and that she'll be able to return to her mundane life.

Unfortunately for her, getting him out of her head isn't so easy, and she isn't as normal as either of them thought.

The Dragon Emperor's Pearl is a hybrid of Eastern Fantasy and Romantic Fantasy, inspired by the xianxia and wuxia genres.

With no recollection of her past or even her own name, our heroine has merely been existing since waking in a place known as the Obsidian Terraces. Uncertain how to fend for herself or earn coin, she turned to protecting the city from creatures known only as the Blighted.

When someone claiming to be her mother comes looking for her, she has no idea that her ‘existence’ is about to become a life–or what the potential costs may be.
Song of the Depths is a Cyberpunk meets magical girls and aliens kind of story. It contains alternative relationship dynamics, and a hefty amount of focus on the aliens. Rather than writing a human-centric cyberpunk, I wanted to try a different angle.

Five years of study and isolation; one life-altering choice.

Ever since a Syldrari attack razed a human city, Subject Zero has known only the inside of her cell. As one of the few survivors, her mind altered and her body charged with inhuman powers, Subject Zero and those like her became an invaluable resource for the imperial military. Weapons capable of killing the Syldran scourge, are not something they’ll let go of easily.
Given a choice between submission to the empire’s genocidal demands or being reprogrammed into a politician’s slave, Subject Zero carves out a third option: she’ll fight, even kill.
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Anything I make goes right back into my publication process and commissioning artwork!
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