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Hello Patrons

Now that we are free* we want to explore with you remote spots, different cultures and different points of views on our blue planet. We are sensitive to hear and to discover stories of other worlds. In these footages, in those interviews we try to catch these magic moments...

It's simply about PEOPLE, NATURE & THE JOY OF LIFE !

Thanks to you ;-) we are able to work hard and to create fascinating stories, pulsating videos and  touching interviews.  And thanks to your support we can also care about really good quality, keeping dry  our film and photo equipment in that salty environment and we can even care about our kid's education ;-) ... 

In order to keep the quality of our stories (and of our children's development :-) )we realize at the moment 1 video per month. So nothing to worry about :-)

Join us now and you'll get in return access to all the patron-only content, rewards like monthly screensavers, letters and recordings from remote spots and with luck even holidays on the extraordinary boat Booby Bloo. Let's heading together for adventurous experiences on the fantastic Blue Planet!

Big hugs
Booby Bloo Crew

* To make it short: We bought an old wooden catamaran, we left everything with our heads full of crazy ideas and we gave away everything except our 2 kids :-). Hereupon we started on a tiny island in Portugal to renovate our boat. It's a life “out of the box”.
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A  Community That Enjoys
Wow, the signs are clear, we have a growing community who enjoys our production and who wants to see more!

Thank you so much dear patreons that is amazing and means so much to us!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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