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About BossFHockey

I aim to create a place for you to come to get all your field hockey news, reviews and giveaway! I want to create more content to help the hockey community grow but to do this I need your help! I have spent the past few years creating a hockey community through social media as BossFHockey as well as creating good working relationships with both top players and brands that have put me in a good position to work with them to create more content. 

I am currently a co-host of the Talk Hockey Radio podcast and regular contributor to The Hockey Family. I am also active on Field Hockey Forums and Reddit /FieldHockey. I wouldn't be giving up on these elements as I like engaging with all the Hockey Family these other bits of content would be on top of what I am currently doing.

I'd also like to add that some of the items listed as a one off perk will be sent out more often but will not be sent on a regular scheduled basis.
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If I hit $5000 a month, I know its a really ridicules amount that I am unlikely to actually reach, I will be able to hire an editor/researcher full time as well as having some money to invest into other areas:
  • Weekly news show posted on to various platforms, such as YouTube, IGTV and also as a podcast. This will cover as much news from around the hockey world as I can from big international stories to big club news and announcements.
  • I also want to create match analysis of top level hockey with support from top level experts (former elite players) but it depends on how much it would cost for the rights to footage, this might be a series of games or just stand alone match analysis.
  • A monthly interviews with a big name in hockey, either a top player or ex top player, maybe some high level coaches and hockey social media personalities thrown in as well. I have already got some of these lined up, but it is always a struggle to commit to a time scale for release as editing takes a lot of time.
  • More video reviews of hockey products including sticks, shoes and maybe even goalkeeper gear.
  • Monthly stick giveaway exclusively for Patreons on top of any other social media giveaway.
  • Run a handful of other gear giveaways through the year these will be run randomly throughout the year and not on a schedule.
  • I will travel or pay the travel for players to do more in person interviews, skills videos or challenges.
  • I will also visit local clubs if I am travelling to have a friendly game, help out with coaching or just for a drink. 
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