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If you want to encourage me to spend more time on this side hustle you can offer more financial incentive.

I'll also be taking suggestions for character names from members who donate at this Tier. So if you want to read about "yourself" in these scenarios, this is the tier for you!

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For the whiteboy who knows what they are!

For $25 a month, you get the satisfaction of knowing you're spreading the word of black supremacy! 

I'll also be polling members at this level for which stories to focus on!




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About Bottomboytoy's Moral Fables

If there is a fantasy or scenario burning away in the dirty recesses of your mind, and you want it brought to life, I can help. I've been composing my own erotica under various pseudonyms for years, most recently; Bottomboytoy.

I've been posting my most intense work yet on sites like Darkwanderer, and writing short pieces for fans on tumblr (now defunct) and discord. More and more people have been approaching me about commissions, so I've decided to set up this patreon. Now the only stop for my most regular updates!

Here is how I plan to run this: $5 a month gets you access to 1 5000 word story, and whatever short pieces of fiction or captions I manage to create.

You also have the option to commission your own custom piece of fiction from me.


$100 for 5000 words, you give me the prompt, acts or people you want included. You also get to see it and have it changed/adjusted before deciding whether you want to keep it for yourself or share it with the rest of the readers.

I'll keep a list of Patrons who are interested in a commission. You join the list, and when your number is up, you pay, send your prompt, and your piece becomes my #1 writing priority. Hopefully done within a week (I work 50+ hours at my IRL job, so maybe 2 weeks.) Once I contact you about your commission, you have 24 hours to respond and pay, or your spot goes to the next in line. I cannot afford to waste good writing time. 

After a couple of months, I may add a micro commission, where I write a few paragraphs or a caption for a picture of your choice. I want to see how well this works first.  

Note: My tagline says all fantasy, no limits, but please understand that if you approach me with a commission that involves kinks I'm not into, I may not be the best author for you. I want you to get  a story that moves you. 
$161.28 of $500 per month
If I Reach $500 a month I will increase the number of Patreon Only stories from 1 5000+ word stories, + Mini stories up to 
2 5000+ word stories + the mini stories.

And Begin polling the community for topics and serial stories you want to see
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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