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The Prologue
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Welcome to my Patreon community! 


- Thank you mention in the description of all of my videos. 

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Chapter 1
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Let's connect!


- Access to my Discord server, where we can get to know each other, talk video ideas, and more! 

- Early joiners get 'knight' status, and can set-up a private channel to chat. 

- As part of my Discord you can stalk my Spotify listens, and connect with me on Steam too and see what games I play! *You're not allowed to judge my game and music taste... ;) 

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This is my personal favourite tier, as I love having pen pals all over the world! 


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About Bradley Birkholz

Who Are You?

I'm a gay man from California who's been living in the UK the last 5 years. I fancy myself a writer, performer, and filmmaker, but I'd rather let you be the judge of that. Check out my blog posts ( and my YouTube videos to get a little glimpse at my digital footprint, and what I need your help with to do more of! 

What Are You Going To Do with My Money?

Well at the moment, your money goes towards my fees associated with video production: my Adobe subscription for editing, filming equipment, sound and music licensing, and that sort of thing. But if my dreams come true - and hopefully you can be a part of that - your money could help me break out into doing YouTube and content creation full time. I'm very biased but I think that would be pretty cool... 

Alright, I'll Support You... But What Do I Get Out of This? 

My Patreon is my inner circle, and I want this to feel like a community. You'll get access to exclusive content, and various other perks depending on which tier you support at, like monthly postcards or unpublished work. This is a great way to get involved in my creative process and to be a part of my journey! 

You can expect weekly videos from me (every Friday) and regular updates! Hope to see you around! 
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At 30 Patrons, I'm going to start doing monthly live streams, just for you guys where we can all hang out each month! 
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