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About BRADY Live


This is an original, exciting "mentoring" show in the awesome NextGen Stars tradition,
which we feel is more interesting because to us, music is not a "sport",

It's ART!  

For as little as $1 a month,

you can have a blast helping us make this show,
and you get to be a part of the action!

How Cool Is That?

BRADY® Live, is an exciting NextGen Stars® TV Series in development, which is part studio production and part live performance.  Each show will feature or "STAR" 15 singers, a group of producers, a house band, and be hosted by the the amazingly talented, charming and comical BRADY Cudmore with lots of interactivity by the PATRONS. We came to PATREON to seek financial help to make it a greater reality for many Musical Artists! We may "Look Big" because of our production company names, but we are not, well at least... not yet! :-) We are "big" in creativity. The music industry has changed drastically the past 12-15 years, so this is a unique way to help all involved to share with you and others, their incredible musical gift.

Our dream is to have the first event in New York City soon, with monthly shows in different cities & eventually around-the-world! If you have a dream to someday take over the stage with your beautiful voice, but are not quite sure just how to get the courage, or maybe you just need that "big break", well this might just be that!  

In 2007 Brady visited NYC on a special high school senior trip for musical theater students from a school surrounded by a potato field, in the beautiful, rural, Prince Edward Island, Canada P.E.I.   He had a chance to do an "OPEN MIC", and it changed his life! He is now on his 5th Album, has performed in hundreds of "Open Mics" which led him to Carnegie Hall, Broadway, (in May 2017 he is starring in a production of the hit Broadway Musical "Rock-Of-Ages"), in Disney and even the "Hall Of Heroes" in the PENTAGON, and much more, yup!

This show will begin in the summer of 2017 and will have the Showcase in the early fall in NYC.  The venture in EACH CITY, is about writing and recording 15 original songs. (13 songs with the new Artists and 1 by Brady plus 1 by the Executive Producer.)  We will have all of the artists perform LIVE one night in the fall, hopefully in a major Music Night Club. The product is a traditional ALBUM, a 1 and a 2 hour Feature TV Show, and 13 -30 minute episode TV shows about each of the new talent/artist discoveries. All will be filmed in Ultra HD 4K Video, (maybe some 360 surround video too!) The shows will be broadcast on the NextGen Stars® YouTube and Facebook, channels and maybe someday on a major TV network also?

This is a 3-Part process. The most important process or "PART A"  is the Auditioning & Selecting the Talent, and then the writing/tweaking and production of the songs. This can start almost instantly. So then PART B is the actual show (and most costly unless the team decided on a more intimate performance venue), and PART C is the final editing and broadcasting of the individual episodes and the feature.   All involved will be paid a fair wage, because Musicians and Production staff deserve this process. It will cost less than $200,000 to produce, depending on the venue, an only $25,000 for "Part A" to select the talent, write and record the songs, which is amazing for a feature entertainment show and 13 to 15 solo episodes as well! Since the Executive Producer is a Platinum status, Emmy Award Winning Music & Video Producer and Professor of Media Arts, we will be a "haven" for college Music Video editing and production interns. They will to help us make this an efficient and mentoring reality venture an they will enjoy the benefits as well.)ALL ASPECTS WILL BE FILMED and there will be LOTS of LIVE STREAMING Entertainment for YOU the PATRON to enjoy.

In PART A: We will have an audition process to find 13 singer/songwriters or "ARTIST" who have a desire, but have never done a "real OPEN MIC" in a "real club" on a "real stage"!   (The TV standard number of episodes for a show series use to be "13" because there are 13 weeks in a "quarter" of the year. Some shows had 26 episodes.) It is possible for up to 3 of the "PATRONS", to actually be one of the 13 Artists, if they pay a $10 demo submission fee, and if they are "approved' by our team, they would need to pay a "$1,200" song-production fee. how cool is that? We will invite "product placement" sponsors to also assist in the production. (Maybe we only serve "one brand" of "energy drink" in the studio, (but is has to be sincere and we like the product.) The ARTIST will work on writing and recording an ORIGINAL song with Brady, in the fabulous State-Of-The-Art SkyRoom Studio, perched on top a Hi-Rise overlooking the NYC Harbor. Musial the Executive producer, may invite one of his graduate producers to join Brady in pulling together the track. The OUTCOME: A 15 song album that YOU get as a digital download for helping, and possible live streams, posters, and more depending on your gifting amount.

In PART B: Brady will then “coach” the singer to become a more skilled performing “Artist”. Then in early fall 2017, we will book an awesome nightclub in Manhattan, with a great sound & lighting system (if our PATRONS help with the additional expenses.)  It will look like a real late night TV talk show, where Brady is the Host. There will be a co-host "sidekick", a cool "set" and even a house band. Brady will interview the 13 singers and they each will perform their song live. Brady will perform some of the character skits from his "Brady's World" venture (like Johnny Carson, Robin Williams, Key & Peele, Portlandia etc.) There will be a feature length show where we get to see all 13 singers, the 2 "select" artists by Brady & the Executive Producer, and then each singer gets a 10 to 30 minute solo show in the series.

In PART C: Editors will work with the Executive Producer to create the Feature TV Show and the Individual Episodes. At first the TV SHOW will air on the NextGen Stars® YouTube Channel, but since we are filming in Ultra HD 4K Video, the show may eventually air on an a traditional TV Network and all Artists as "actors" Hosts, Producers and Musicians will receive proper residuals...they way is use to be!

With your financial assistance, this may all become a reality and YOU get to be part of the show! YOU tell PATREON how much you would like to give a month (with a debit card or other auto method, deduction amount like $1, $10, etc, which YOU control) and in return depending on how much you give, you get some cool very stuff!  Everyone gets at least an MP3 of one song, or several songs or the entire 15 song album made in the process of this show. There will be posters and hats and shirts and more! You may get an “Assistant" or even " Associate PRODUCER" Screen Credit at the end of the TV show! You may get free "in-progress" LIVE  studio audio or video streams! You may even be one of the Talents on the show!

BRADY® Cudmore is the host and his credentials are unique and off-the-wall! Brady has Grammy winning musicians playing music on songs he has composed. He performed 9 scenes in a production at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater by Lincoln Center in NYC, he has STARRED as the LEAD character in 3 Off-Broadway Musicals, out of over 1,000 candidates, he won the audition to be a lead performer at "Club Jelsomino" on Broadway & 56th for over a year! Brady has performed for schools, roller rinks, on Radio & TV Shows, even on the flight deck of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier on national radio an original song for a charity benefit! Recently he was the host of "URBO", the newest music night club in Times Square where he welcomed "Open Mic" singers! Currently Brady is starring with a cast of 24 in a production of the Hit Broadway Musical "Rock-Of-Ages"!  Visit Brady's World to see videos and photos of all of these exciting things he has done, all because he did an "OPEN MIC" in 2007 in NYC. 

David Musial the Executive Producer, is an Award-Winning Music, Video & Live Show Producer, Composer and Professor who has: worked with hundreds of vocalists, on over 125 albums, gold & platinum status, has received unique awards as “Instructor-Of-The-Year” at New York University (4 Times), The Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame Award along with the president of MTV, (Aretha Franklin won it last year, the Goo Goo Dolls, Bob Moog, Grover Washington Jr, etc. in the past), he was also worked with with the "New Age/Syhhesis Legend" Suzanne Ciani, The Beach Boys, Rebbie Jackson (Michael’s sister), Broadway star N’Kenge, TV classic Ray Romano, Jazz Legend “Dave Brubeck”, Hollywood Sound Design Legend “Frank Serafini and more.   Musial even produced songs, did the audio post-production and mastered songs by the Backstreet Boys, Green Day, Alanis Morrisette, Lauryn Hill, Dave Matthews Band, etc. for a project which earned an Emmy Award for the United States Department of Education for MTV!

Thanks for “tuning in” and being a “backer”, and being a part of the show "behind the scenes".
Welcome to the biz!

You can learn more at…         Bradys.World         's World    


PART A : $25,000 ($15,000 + $10,000)
Song Creation/Recording
$7,500-Host Stipend
$1,500-Artist Stipends
$1,000-Meals for production
$7,500-Recording Studio Rentals
$1,000 Data Storage (Audio,Photo & Video Files)
$1,500 Legal Contracts
$1,000 Insurance
$500 Merch
$1,000 Misc/Patreon 5% Fees

PART B: $100,000

$5,000 Liability Insurance
$15,000 Executive Producer Stipend 5 months with editing
$10,000 Host Salary 4 months with rehearsals
$13,000  Artist Stipends
$5,000 Producer Stipends
$15,000 Club Rental including Security
$10,000 Video & Sound Production Rental (8-10 Cams including Jibs/Cranes)
$5,000 House Band
$12,000 Promotion
$5,000 Merch: Shirts, Hats, Posters, etc
$2,000 Meals
$2,000 Transport
$1,000 Misc/Patreon Fees

PART: C $50,000
Video Editing & Broadcast Promotion

$10,000 Executive Producer Stipend
$10,000 Editor(s)
$20,000 SkyRoom Studio Rental
$5,000 Promo
$5,000 Misc/Patreon Fees

$175,000 TOTAL for a 15 song album of new original music, a 2 hour and a 1 Hour FEATURE NETWORK QUALITY TV Show PLUS 13 to 15 individual episodes for each Artist (30 to 90 mins long).  ALL in Ultra HD 4K (above current TV Network Quality). If we only raise $50,000, we will do the show in NYC in a smaller but fun venue, (like "Paddy Reilly's" or "Smith's" Music Bars), and then still broadcast it on the NextGen Stars Social Nets. It is a "WIN WIN" for all!

0% complete
PART A2: Continue and complete the songwriting process and launch the recording process.

Production fees, recording studio rentals, data storage (Audio, Photo & Video files.) Book the amazing SkyRoom Studio and record the songs for the album, and provide a custom Stage Performance Backing Track. Encourage all candidates/artists to promoter the show via their social media.
You may get live streams from the studio, and exclusive photos depending on your Patronage amount.
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