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🎨 Join me on a journey into the deep creative self that longs for freedom and expression!

Digital Downloads- Whether you are here to unlock your creativity, reduce stress, cultivate wellbeing, or just explore your authentic self, there will be bi-monthly exercises for you to use that nourish all these goals.

Work-In-Progress- Some of you are here to support my art, or goal of becoming and Art Therapist, the downloadable exercises will also feature my art, poetry, photography, and other creative ventures. In addition, I will share other artwork, poetry, and photography like you have seen at my exhibits, shows, workshops, and social media.

Behind the Scenes Content- I will post updates to my progress towards my goal of becoming an Art Therapist, behind the scenes glimpses into my new studio nested into the Huron National Forest, and so much more! 🌲

Private Community- is for those who are braver and freer to share their own journal results and support each other.

Fan Request- Often people talk about being stuck on a technique, as I work with them I learn that usually the inner-critic is lurking within. If you are struggling with motivation, a sense of safety, battling the inner-critic, or just searching for the spot to push into freer expression then write me and I will work it into my que of exercises to publish.

Early Access- Downloadable content will be available exclusively on Patreon for the first three months they are released.

General Support- Art supplies, satellite internet, food, log-splitter, ... all the things. Many know about my Lupus, et all, it is a huge struggle being disabled. I am fortunate to receive the foundational support from those closest to me that believe in my goals. This empowers me to focus harder on my classes, which give me access to more scholarships and allow me to maintain my 4.0 as an Honor’s student.

Ad-Free Content- I will never use ad content or related services.
In deep gratitude 🙏🏻
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  • Private community
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  • Early access
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About Branna O'Dea Art

Hi, I’m Branna O’Dea!
I’m an artist, a writer, a gardener… I love creative expression!

Years of doing art, teaching workshops, and deep listening has taught me that my purpose lies, not in mastery of technique, but in helping others become free.

The arts are the deep roots of resilience, and resilience is wellbeing! Everyone benefits from the universe of good and wellbeing that creative expression unlocks for us. Most of us experience this subconsciously on some level. However, there are often roadblocks along the path.

My posts and exercises will focus on introspection, mindfulness, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and opening to joy and gratitude. The goal is to liberate and free your creative expression so you can experience it with deep presence and meaning!

I will also share my creative expressions so that I am walking my talk, the fabulous bits, the foibles, et all.

My personal goals with Patreon are:

  • Achieve my Art Therapy (AATA) degree so I can bring the theraputic value of the arts to those who are suffering from Trauma and PTSD.
  • Share my creative writing, art, and passion while on this journey!
  • Bring the blessings and gifts of the creative path to others so they can pursue a mindful and meaningful life. I do this through teaching and volunteering!

My formal education in fine art is from Kendall College of Art and Design. Now, I am taking on a new major in psychology with the end goal being an AATA (American Art Therapy Association) certified degree in Art Therapy. This journey began 4 years ago and has had many steps along the path before I began my studies in psychology.

Currently, I am an honors scholar maintaining a 4.0, a demanding but worthy endeavor. I truly believe in earning every cent of the grants, scholarships, and patron support I receive. My lupus and other disabling health issues make life especially challenging. Every tiny bit of support makes a huge difference! For me to preserve my health and focus on maintaining the high GPA that opens so many important opportunities and covers tuition costs, I need to be able to eat, maintain/repair my studio cabin (which I lovingly call the Wabi-Sabi house), replenish supplies, and increase automation which is so vital for a person with physical disabilities.

I am ever grateful for the friends, family, and patrons who help reach and celebrate these goals with me! You are all my muses! Whatever path you are on today, I hope you find a moment to take in the amazing world around us and express yourself!

May your heart be full,

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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