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Once I’ve reached my first goal of 1,500.00 per month for 12-months, I will be introducing patron rewards that uniquely express the values of BNE; resource conservation, barter systems, community networking, and or to further develop projects aimed at humanity living in harmony with planet Earth.

In keeping with the long history of Patronage of The Arts, your initial reward as a BraveNewEarth T.V. patron is the knowledge you are contributing to work you value, and specifically my artistic endeavors to explore evolutionary change for humanity and the planet, through Transmedia storytelling.

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        About Bruce Weaver

        Hi! My name is Bruce Weaver. I’m a Transmedia artist and the creator of BraveNewEarth T.V. is a video-portal to create, practice and document a new vision for humanity. (watch the video above)

        Humanity is facing an unprecedented time of change on planet Earth and with these changes we have an urgent need to document, share and educate one another in order to accelerate a global learning process.

        As a visual storyteller my passion is to make a positive impact in the world through Transmedia arts, and contribute to this global learning, and to the lives of those who might benefit from my stories.

        As a Patron you are a lifeline to this ongoing creative expression so necessary for me and all other artistic visionaries who are mad with creativity and ideas for effecting positive change.  I’m grateful to be alive amidst this struggle for a dignified humanity living through planetary change, and for your support in helping me do just that!

        Fast forward to 2015. Humanity and Earth are spinning in their evolutionary Tango: climate change, global economic and social unrest, population explosion, food security, and a "piece meal World War III" (the popes words). Depending on your point of view, this dance is beautiful, destructive, constructive, heartbreaking, maddening, tragically comedic and all of the above. As the artist, I will endeavor to document this dance from all these points of view.

        If this is your first time to  please watch the video below on how Patreon works for Brave New Earth TV

        “The big question remained: How do you obtain the money to live with and to acquire the materials and tools with with which to work? ...Answer: Precession” - Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

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        My goal is a 1,500 per-month Patreon support.
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