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Breaking Bourbon was created by three lifelong friends who share a passion for everything bourbon. Since launch in 2014, the journey has been nothing short of spectacular. We’ve met a lot of great people, connected with many readers on a personal level, and experienced tremendous growth of our audience. As we look to the future, our goal is clear. We want to make Breaking Bourbon the best and most trusted resource for bourbon enthusiasts, period. Transforming our ideas into a reality is going to require working with more than just our passion for the hobby. We know it’s a huge ask, but if you believe in us and want to participate in helping make Breaking Bourbon even better, we’ve got some cool prizes to say thank you and will be forever honored by your generosity.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Breaking Bourbon.

Nick, Eric & Jordan
Breaking Bourbon Co-Founders


See descriptions below for full terms and details


Monthly Pledge: The amount you pledge per month will determine what benefits you’re eligible for, which increase with your monthly pledge amount. Thank you so much for your support, whatever amount it may be it goes a long way towards helping make Breaking Bourbon what it is now and into the future!

Available Slots: Currently the number of available slots is unlimited for each pledge level. Please note we may cap certain levels in the future.

Help Create Content: You get to take part in helping develop some of the content we create! Topics will include what bourbons we review, topics to write about, reader survey creation, and more. Our goal is to offer a choice or topic about once per month - you vote or provide input on the topic, and then we tally the votes, review the feedback, and put it into action with a target of completion by the end of the following month. **No minimum pledge time applies.

Receive Update Emails: We’ll send Release Calendar updates right to your inbox so you’ll never miss an update! Keeping our Bourbon & American Whiskey Release Calendar up to date is a tedious and ongoing process. We talk with distillery contacts and inside connections, scour the web and social media, and follow TTB label approvals very closely in order to keep up with bourbon’s ever changing releases. Who knows, we might even include some inside information not posted online from time to time! **No minimum pledge time applies.


Receive Thank You Gift After 6 Months: Our thank you prize packs get more robust as you contribute more! Our custom Breaking Bourbon Tasting Sheet is not only unique but it’s completely reusable and designed so that you can snap a pic of your notes with your phone then wipe it clean and go onto something else...just be sure to use the dry erase marker we send to you along with the sheet! Our Breaking Bourbon custom engraved glencairns are the original design - replicas of the very first glencairn we designed when we first got started. These are not available for sale as they are exclusive to Patreon and occasional reader gifts. Finally is our new super exclusive and ultra fun Breaking Bourbon “Club” T-shirt! While we offer a range of custom T-shirts for sale in our online store, this particular T-shirt is only available to our supporters on Patreon. **Physical prizes ship after 6 consecutive months of pledging at the specified level. Physical prizes are limited to United States shipping addresses only. If you reside in another country, please contact us prior to pledging if you are interested in receiving a shipped prize.

The Breaking Bourbon Single Barrel Club is available exclusively to Patreon supporters. We’ve developed a way to collaborate with retailers across the United States who ship to consumers in order to select single barrels that will be available. This will allow us to work more quickly through barrels and have access to a wider range of whiskeys, as the retailers will handle the sale and shipping directly with you per our agreement with them - giving us rights to select the barrel and offer those bottles to you! Most importantly, we wanted to figure out a way to have Patreon supporters participate in selecting barrels with us...and we did so read more!

Bottle Distribution Priority: Once each single barrel is available for presale or sale, we will roll it out to Patreon supporters by priority group - the higher your pledge the higher your priority - the fairest way we could come up with that we’ll be able to manage on an ongoing basis. Once you receive notice of availability, you’ll have a few days to purchase your bottle before it becomes available to the next priority group...though you’re still able to purchase thereafter if bottles are still available. Once all Patreon supporters have been given the opportunity to purchase bottles, any left over bottles will be in the control of our retailer partners and as a result potentially available to the general public subject to the retailer’s discretion. As the entire group grows, and depending on the desirability of the particular whiskey along with barrel yield, bottles may sometimes sell out before they become available to lower pledge tiers. Please note each bottle offered will be offered by a retailer, not offered for sale by Breaking Bourbon (we select the barrel and offer you priority to purchase these exclusive bottles). Each retailer will have their own shipping policy and limitations, and while we will only work with retailers who ship with the intent of reaching as many of you as possible, there are some states that do not allow shipping and exact shipping policies will vary by retailer. We hope to select barrels quickly and work with multiple retailers so that even if a particular bottle isn’t available to you maybe the next one will be. **No minimum pledge time applies. Your support on Patreon entitles you to potential bottle availability if specified, however bottles must be purchased directly from our retailer partners. Cost and availability will vary by retailer handling the sale and shipping. The Patreon supporter who helps select the particular barrel will get first priority to buy up to 5 bottles before the standard priority distribution process begins.

Please note that in order to ensure that our Patreon supporters get as many bottles as possible, purchases will be tracked. During the initial Patreon supporter only availability period, supporters caught sharing the purchasing link will run the risk of having their own orders canceled along with the orders of non Breaking Bourbon Patreon supporters. Once all Patreon supporters have been given the opportunity to purchase bottles, any leftover bottles will be handled by our retailer partners as they see fit.

*Help Select A Barrel: One of our main goals with the Single Barrel Club was to have Patreon supporters participate in the barrel selection process. As a result, we will randomly select supporter(s) from the qualifying pledge tier(s) to help with barrel selection whenever possible! Most of the time that will be done together remotely by video with samples in hand. It is possible that some of these selections will take place at distilleries, though based on our locations and the additional travel cost for everyone involved they will be few and far between. **While this requires a minimum of only 1 successful pledge billing cycle, the most recent pledge billing cycle must have been processed successfully in order to be included for consideration in a single barrel selection. You must be over the age of 21, reside in the continental United States, and have a working webcam and microphone to participate in remote barrel selection(s). The Patreon supporter(s) who helps select the particular barrel will get first priority to buy up to 5 bottles before the standard priority distribution process begins. 

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We've got more ideas than we know what to do with...but with those ideas comes the demand for time and money. The countless hours we spend is a labor of love, so time isn't an issue (though our wives might say otherwise!). But in order to take Breaking Bourbon to the next level we need to raise funds so we can accomplish the things we have our sights set on. Supporting us here goes a long way towards helping us realize those goals, and every little bit counts more than you might think. Join us in helping cultivate a valuable resource for bourbon drinkers everywhere.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 426 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 426 exclusive posts

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