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Breaking Spectre will attempt to collate, categorize, and archive the latest news across several categories.  As we all know, the information kicked out every day is like drinking from a fire hose and nearly impossible to stay on top of.  The MSM would like nothing more than to keep you in the dark, ignorant and fearful with their misinformation/disinformation campaigns. In conjunction, the Tech Industrial Complex, likes of which are comprised by the oligarchy of  Alphabet/Google/Youtube, Facebook, Amazon/WaPo, Twitter, are all censoring, demonitizing, etc. that which goes against "the narrative."
It is high time to preserve, protect, and defend the 1st Amendment.
Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered...(Thomas Paine)

If you have a short attention span, then this forum is not for you...stick to Buzzfeed or some other trivial site.  However, if you read, contemplate, discern, connect dots, and otherwise actually THINK for YOURSELF, then jump right in.

Will YOU join the fight to awaken the masses from their stupor and proclaim liberty throughout the land?

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