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Welcome Neo

You're here because you know something...

You're here because you've felt it your entire life...

You're here to be Awakened to the illusions of the Matrix...

And you're here because you're ready to take the RED PILL...

Let's go down this Rabbit Hole... You're not Alone. We are ALL with you.
We Are the 99% .!.!.!.

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Welcome to BREAKING THE MATRIX's Official Patreon page. 

I'm an independent critical thinker, light worker, philosopher, writer, spiritualist, universalist, Law of One adept, blogger, podcaster and content creator. The goal is very simple: Open Hearts, Minds and Eyes. I do this because I care about the state of humanity, and out of Universal Love.

The intention is to Spread Awareness through various platforms, in the hopes it will incite more and more people to question the mainstream narratives aka the manufactured consensus reality, because in all honesty, can we really trust the criminal and corrupt status quo power structure to look out for humanity's best interest? No, no we cannot simply place our blind trust and allegiance to a pack of murderous greedy bloodthirsty, maniacal, psychotic sociopaths. We need to seriously question EVERYTHING we've been taught, come to terms with the cold harsh hard truths, and come together as brothers & sisters to find realistic solutions to untangle ourselves from their web of deception. We are the 99%, we are the MANY, they are the 1%, they are the few, we far outnumber them, we can and we shall certainly OVERCOME them. 

It is truly an exciting time to be alive. All the Light Workers and Truth Warriors are being called upon. We are here to serve as vessels of Love & Hope in The Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening.

This is a movement that's beyond poliTRICKS, beyond the left-right paradigm false illusion of choice, beyond one person, it's bigger than any and all of us, it is an idea whose time has come. And we're the Chosen Souls who are here to aid in the ascension of humanity's collective consciousness. 

Patreon will enable me to continue my focus and work to expose the Globalist Zionist con game, unravel their fabricated narratives, as well as to awaken, inspire & empower as many souls as possible. 

We are here to ascend and transcend this 'reality', that's how WE ALL BREAK THE MATRIX TOGETHER.

Are YOU with me? Let's DO THIS!

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