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About Brett1Lewis

Hey everyone! After being asked a bunch over the years I have finally made a patreon! If you have never heard of me or seen my content before, let me fill you in.

I have been a content creator since 2006 and from then I have uploaded vlogs, short movies, podcasts, interviews, top 10's and product reviews over the years.
These days I put all my free time into Live streaming every day on twitch! my usual scheduling is Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm, Tuesday 10pm til 5am and sometimes a little bonus stream over the weekend. All together I stream for around 30 hours a week (120 hours a month! that's a lot of streaming), so that's like a full time job.

My goal is to become an official partner of twitch, but getting there isn't easy and requires a lot of time to do so. All I ask is for some extra support from you guys to help keep me going so I don't ever have to stop streaming! This is something I have loved doing for years now, I have met some amazing (and interesting) people over time and I never want this ride to stop!
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