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About Brett Novak

For as long as I've held a camera, I've been obsessed with making work that expresses how my brain experiences the things around me.  With your help, I can continue to do that.

Since starting the Short Skate Film series back in 2009, it has been a incredible time-consuming, life-changing, career-shifting labor of love.  I had no idea what I was truly getting into when I quit my job working in the VFX film industry back in 2010; the same weekend posting the first video with Kilian Martin that would change my life.  Since then, I have focused more and more time creating a new series of skateboarding and travel content done in the way that seemed right to me, all while trying to pay the bills with commercial work in between.  It's been an amazing journey with it's financial ups and downs, but it has shown me that in my heart of hearts, creating free-to-the-world artistically-open content is what I want to be spending more of my time doing.

2016 has been an eye-opening year for me in trying my hand at consistent content.  Since first launching my Youtube channel over a decade ago, I've primarily uploaded only a few times a year.  99.9% of the work you see on my channel has been filmed and edited solely by me. Filming, VFX, sound, color, everything. On top of that, the often months of raising funds for a trip, the weeks of shooting and the month or two it takes to edit one of these pieces has made consistent content quite the challenge. The new weekly ShortSided series, while still very much my style, has allowed me to shoot in faster, local situations and thus be able to bring content to you on a weekly basis.  This has lit a fire under me wanting to push my channel further and further.  More content, more often, without a lowering of my production standards.  This Patreon is an experiment in pushing myself forward in an effort to bring you more of what goes on in my head.

Not everybody can afford to help support me, but I don't want those same people to miss out on something that may inspire them.  Your pledge would not only be incredibly appreciated by me, but the young kids that, like myself, had the opportunity to make a connection with a piece of wood that would ultimately change their life.

Thank you for your consideration, even if you're just clickin' through.
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This will help me continue to make my first consistent weekly series, "ShortSided", a possibility.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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