Brian Benham is creating Art, Furniture, Woodworking, Metalworking, and Design

Early Access

$1 /mo
Thank You For Supporting My Art
Get early releases of my video’s, shop updates and the ability to vote for a project. Gain access to my Patreon only feed.

Design Input for Projects

$2 /mo
Access to everything in Tier one plus you can participate in the design discussions and give input on patreon funded project builds

Extra thanks for your support

$4 /mo
In addition to lower tier levels you will know I really appreciate the extra support.  I haven't really figured out a reward for this level, and of course I am open to suggestions


$50 /mo
You will get a 1/2hr one on one monthly skype call to get project support on the projects you are working on, talk about making/woodworking, advice on setting up ...