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You get to pick your favorite image from www.Brickhouse.Photography and I'll personally have it printed and sign it. Image must be16x20 or smaller. 

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 I'm a not for hire photographer and also work 60 hours a week driving a truck. I have 3 daughters and a wife that keeps me on my toes. One day I'd love to be a full-time photographer but for now I'm just doing my thing. I do some charity work and mostly shoot when I'm working out of town. I offer my images for sale on Brickhouse.Photography and you can learn everything about me on .Unfortunately I don't sell enough to even recoup my expenses, much less go full-time.

If you'd like to see me progress and think my work is worthy then please consider becoming a Patron. If I end up getting a following then I'll become active on here and offer prints to Patrons through a raffle or something.  

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