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About Brickule


I make custom LEGO builds, record coverage of LEGO fan events, give DIY instructions, and more, All on my youtube!

Some of the videos I make include:
Instructional videos to build a custom model from LEGO parts. These models are usually on a small scale, but maintain a high level of detail by using a lot of small parts. 

Professor Clone Brand:
Watch as the esteemed professor checks out and reviews knock-off building toys. From Megablok, to Cobi. Kazi to Sluban, and many more. Often times these knock-off's have funny figures, crazy miss-prints, and more.

Minifig Workshop:
Instructional DIY and review videos exploring the world of Minifigure customization. See how to make custom accessories, paint/modify existing parts, and see reviews that explore items from custom accessory brands like Brickforge, Brickarms, and BrickWarriors.

My own creations (MOCs)
Videos showing custom creations I have made from LEGO parts. I build a wide range of things: Science Fiction, City, Castle, Fantasy, and more! I like building all sorts of things with tiny details and functional features.

Event Coverage
These videos show coverage from events that I go to (mostly LEGO fan Expos). They include still images, video of motorized features, full tours, and even train rides from a "minifig eye view".

Those are just some of the videos I make, I do all sorts of others. Occasionally I do ones for videos games, cosplay props, and more.

How often do you upload videos?
As often as I can! Certain types of videos are easier to make than others.
As a standard, I try to upload at least 3 videos per month: 1 MOC, 1 Professor Clonebrand, and 1 Minibuild.
MOC videos are very easy to make as I have many custom creations sitting around just waiting to be recorded. More often than not, there will be multiple MOC videos in a single month.

Can you make a certain mini-build or minifig and do a video of it?
Certainly! If you have an idea be sure to let me know through a direct message or comment on a video. Sometimes I run out of ideas for those, and would love to get suggestions.

Are you sponsored by LEGO or any of these "minifig customizers"?
No, I am not sponsored by anyone (yet). If a video is sponsored or supported, I will inform the viewers during the video.

Can you review this certain thing and put in a good word?
Maybe? If you represent a product such as 3rd party minifig accessories or custom parts, and want to send items for me to review: Get in contact with me through an E-mail or direct message, I will review the item and give my honest opinion on it.

For more Fun and to better keep up with me, check out these links:
Flickr:[email protected]/

Plans for the future!
Video game videos!
I play all sorts of videos games, at the moment there is a single teaser video for my Minecraft world. Due to hardware and software limitations, I can not make these often. (The computer is REALLY laggy when trying to run a game and record at the same time)
When I can upgrade, there will be video game videos, a lot of them. Minecraft, Space Engineers, Kerbal, and more!

Live streams and video blogs!
At the moment, it isn't really worth doing this. but, when I have more subscribers and such (and if there is interest), I will do these. I can answer questions, talk about progress on projects, and just chat with people. Want to watch me play games? If my hardware will let me, you can!

Stop Motion Animation! omg!
I used to do stop-motion videos a few years ago. I stopped when my software and hardware was super outdated. But I really miss making these, I did brickfilms, but also have interest in animating action figures. These will not be very often (They take SO LONG to make), but I will start when I can get better gear.

Live action comedy? People like that, right?
I have a couple ideas for live-action (AKA filmed with real people, not LEGO or toys) comedy skits. These will be further down the road as I would need better cameras, costumes, props, and friends to play roles.

More Patreon rewards? Cool gubbins?! Woot!
When I have a good amount of supporters and subscribers, I will be able to make more rewards and bonuses for them! I've got some cool ideas in mind. :)
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