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Welcome to my Patreon page! Here, I will give you all of the knowledge that I have learned over the 25 years that I have been involved in the paranormal field. It's here that I will share stories and videos from my time on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, some are serious, some sad, but mostly, they are filled with a whole lot of laughs. 

So, what does your small pledge do?  Well, it's used to help me further my research, as well as to purchase necessary cutting edge equipment that has potential uses in the paranormal field.  A big part of what I will share with you as a patreon, is the test process of equipment for functionality, accuracy and durability. This will help viewers understand the full capabilities as well as the limitations of technologies available to you.  I will document all of this on video and share it with you and only you, my AMAZING PATREON SUPPORTERS! 

  • 1. Functionality –
    • Does it match what the manufacture states?
    • How does it feel in the hand while investigating?
    • Is it distracting while investigating?
  • 2. Accuracy –
    • We will design tests to verify accuracy.
      • For example; does a cell phone truly effect the KII.
      • If so, at what distance will a cell phone stop affecting a KII.
      • What happens when you drop a KII? Does it stop working? Will the readings change?
    • We will test different weather conditions on equipment.
      • For example; will the freezing cold or hot summer night affect a geo phone? If so, how much?
      • Does humidity, or the lack there of have an affect?
  • 3. Durability –
    • We will field test all equipment until we find its weak spot.
      • What if you drop it when opening your gear bag?
      • What if it gets rained on?
      • What if you drop it in a puddle?
      • What if you step on it?
      • What if you toss it to your teammate and they drop it?
    •  And if we can not break it, well,  then we will escalate to what it does take to break it.  What if you drop your EMF meter 75 times? How will that affect it?
  • 4. How to best use –
    • After all of the testing, I will give you my opinion on to best uses the equipment.  Sometimes, the best use may just be in the trash can, and I will be glad to give my opinion on that too!

Your pledge will also help me travel to haunted location where I will interview owners, townspeople like yourselves and historians. We will take a tour of the site while listening to the claims and history of the location. These videos will be filled with fun facts and amazing scenery.  Locations may be small and off the beaten path that the big TV shows have never shown before. Or, it may be big locations that TV shows have done, but I'll do it better!  It will be filled with more detail and excitement that only you, my private viewers will have access to. 

Vlog - A monthly video where I will wrap up the previous month's activities. I will give the cliff-notes version of the equipment test results, a brief summation of the tour of the haunted location and a small mention of anything else of importance. I will share some weirdness in the news and Answer some questions from the Facebook group. I will end with what is coming in the next month. What equipment will be tested, what location we will interview and tour.

In the moment Vlog – When something happens that is note worthy, I will most likely document it on video and share it with you. This could be scary, dangerous, funny or quite possibly a combination of all three!  Look for these throughout the month as I will be posting new content regularly. 

Equipment Test Vlog - An edited version of the equipment testing, results and our thoughts and opinions. These will be posted throughout the month as they are performed.

Equipment Test Live – When possible we will Facebook live our testing for you to watch. If possible we will also answer questions while testing.  Watch for these throughout the month as there will be new tests regularly.

Polls -  You will be able to participate in polls that will be posted by me. I will be asking for your help!  I want to hear what you would like to see.  I may ask for your input regarding what piece of equipment to test or what location you would recommend that I visit and film next.  

Random Behind the Scenes Videos – During my 7 years on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, I filmed hours of behind the scenes shenanigans!  Yes, there was A LOT of shenanigans!  I will share these with you, my loyal Patreons, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the fun!

Video Review and Discussion - Each month we will take a clip of activity from Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International that I was a part of. I will post it on the Private Facebook group for y'all to review and post questions. The following month, I will post the video here on Patreon, answering the questions submitted by you, the viewers.  
Further discussion will continue on the message board, so keep posting your thoughts and ideas!

FaceBook Private Group – The FaceBook private group is a place where I will be able to interact with you, my loyal followers.  From posts to live video chats, I will answer your questions and ask for your thoughts and ideas as well.  

My Bio

PARANORMAL - Britt Griffith is best know from the years he spent on SyFy’s hit shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, where he traveled the world investigating claims of the paranormal. Britt’s extensive knowledge of the paranormal and the equipment used to document strange activity, comes from his 25 years of involvement in the supernatural.

ACTOR/PRODUCER – Britt Griffith has produced 3 low budget horror films and creature features; Black Dahlia Haunting, Dead Sea and House of Manson. All three movies have successfully made it to distribution. Britt has also acted in these as well as several other films.

If you are interested in booking Britt Griffith for your event/convention contact Lee at Creepy People Management - [email protected]
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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