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Stream of Consciousness
per one polished piece of Artwork.
You gain access to the vast majority of my patron-only posts. Those are mostly sketches and photographs of traditional drawings I do throughout the day, many of which I'll never scan and upload - so they're Patreon-exclusive.
Behind the Scenes
per one polished piece of Artwork.
Wherever I can provide it, you get the original workfiles and high resolution versions of any art I put out. Unless stated otherwise and so long as you credit it to me, it's all free for noncommercial use! Please keep in mind that this will mainly be .SAI files since that's the main program I work with, I don't often convert to .PSD because that futzes with the layers and takes a lot of additional cleanup work.




per one polished piece of Artwork.

About Broeckchen

Welcome to my humble little Patreon page!

My name is Broeckchen, and I love creating art! Currently I am going to art school to become a professional illustrator (with focus on sequential art of any kind), and like any student I'm always struggling a little to stay afloat.

You can support me by becoming my patron. I want to share my favorite works with everyone who likes my art, so you won't see much exclusive stuff to be fair. This Patreon is mainly so I can offer a small but steady stream of activity to those who are interested in it, and to offer others an easy and comfortable way of supporting me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and have a lovely day!
$12 of $30 per one polished piece of Artwork.
Merchandise Madness I!
5 USD of every post-payment will go into a piggy bank dedicated just to the creation of merchandise. Which means: pins, ACEO cards, stickers, sketchbooks... anything I can create by myself. I will sell those things in small increments on conventions and possibly give some away on a fairly local basis.
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