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This tier exists because for some reason there can't be free users who don't want sketches, but just want to keep up with my work.

So here goes this I guess.

I recommend that if you just want to view my work, and don't really care for monthly sketches, switch over to this tier.

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My sincerest thank you. You didn't have to support me to keep me going, but you chose to anyway. Though it definitely helps keep my motivation up knowing you like my work enough to support it.

Purely a support tier, for those of you who wish to support my work without wanting anything in return (the people subscribed to the $5 tier, but don't seem to ask for anything). This should help leave slots open for people who do want something.

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Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.

Tier Benefits:

 Full Flat colored/No colored image, 1 character (Bi-monthly, beginning April 2019)




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