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My name is Mat. I'm a paramedic, unfortunately no longer practising due to a spinal injury which ended my career in 2012. Since then, I've been doing what I can to support the thousands of ambulance clinicians still out there, working day and night, to provide vital care to those in trouble.

Sadly, the UK's ambulance workforce are facing mounting pressure due to many problems including overpopulation, under-funding, mismanagement and systemic abuse. As a result, ambulance workers increasingly find themselves battling against their own eroding health as they struggle to provide pre-hospital healthcare to others.

I started my Broken Paramedic blog in an attempt to raise awareness of these issues, to play my part in attempting to hold back the tide and give paramedics and allied professionals a fighting chance to do their jobs well.

I've learned in that time that public perception and media portrayal is often misinformed about the brutal realities of the emergency services which exist for their benefit. When possible, I've worked hard to address this, through writing on my blog and in the press, by speaking with journalists, researchers and ambulance executives in an effort to dispel myths, promote welfare and get better recognition of the sacrifices being made by people on the front lines.

There have been some small victories, but things still threaten to get worse rather than better. There is so much more to be done and it is my hope that you can help me do it.

I've started this Patreon campaign in the hope that I can step up my activities and push for a positive change.

  • Inform the general public, journalists and broadcasters of the growing difficulties faced by ambulance staff.
  • Work with and/or apply pressure to organisational bodies and regulators to promote staff welfare.
  • Examine employer practises and their efforts to protect staff.
  • Lobby government officials to advocate for change.

  • The use of blogging and social media to highlight the problems and spread the message.
  • Production of video material to emphasise key points.
  • Approaching key individuals for interviews and support.
  • Support journalists and broadcasters in order to improve frequency and accuracy of coverage.

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