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+ I'll design your original character : Send me your original character description or pick any existing character you'd like me to draw. Each month I randomly pick 2 characters from the ones that have been submitted and draw a full blown concept piece of those characters. That drawing and coloring process also gets turned into a time lapse video that is be uploaded to the Youtube channel.

You can submit one character at a time, but everytime your character is picked and drawn, you can resubmit a new one. If your character is not picked, it gets one extra entry in the list each month, which increases its chances of being picked. Once it is picked and you resubmit a new character, the number of entries starts at 1 again.

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+ Everything from TIER 1.

+ Download my PSD files : PSD is the file format used by Photoshop and compatible with most other drawing programs. Those files contain everything separately in different layers for you to explore, from the sketch, to the line art, colors, shading and every little adjustment in between. Everytime I upload a video on Youtube, you get the PSD file of what i drew in that video. These files are hosted on my personal Google Drive, with no restrictions to downloads, easy and secure.

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+ Everything from TIER 1 and TIER 2.

+ Real time drawing and coloring process videos : Everytime I upload a time lapse video on youtube, you get the real time version of that video. If you want to see every brush stroke and analyze every that move i make at normal speed instead of time lapse, these videos are for you. If the drawing was done during a live stream, you also get the full recording of that live stream, with all the added commentary. Since I don't make live stream recordings public on my Youtube channel, this reward tier is the only way to rewatch streams if you missed them. And not only do you get all future videos, but you also get access to the entire catalogue past Patreon exclusive videos.

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Hi! I'm Brother Baston, welcome to my Patreon page! I've been making digital art videos on Youtube for years now (, sharing my passion through time lapse videos, tutorials, collaborations and all kinds of other things. I do a lot of stuff like character design, concept art and world building. I try my best to design characters and places that tell a story, that spark your imagination and make you want to know more about the world they come from. I love mixing sci-fi and fantasy, technology and magic, mechs and wizards, creating something that hopefully you've never seen before.

As an independant artist who likes to share all their work online with no restrictions, it's pretty difficult to find ways to make a living doing this stuff and to invest more and more time into it. My hope is that this Patreon would help me free up time that I could spend working on always bigger and better art projects, like comics for example, in addition to the usual Youtube videos. So if you think my content is worth your support, check out the rewards on the right or explained in the intro video above. I really tried to pack as much value as i could into all of them and keep the prices very reasonable. And believe me, even the smallest support has a huge impact.

So check out some of the videos below to see what I'm all about, and thanks very much for your consideration! =D

$233.56 of $450 per month
I'll be able to spend much more time making videos. This would also free up the time needed to start working on my comic project on a consistent schedule.
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